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  1. I never used moisturizer on the regimen (only in the winter when i would anyway). My skin is naturally very oily, and I never had any problem.
  2. I don't use moisturizer in the CSR and my shiny/oily/nasty skin problem has gone away. I have naturally VERY oily skin, so even with tons of BP, my skin can handle it without moisturizer. Maybe try this? If you start to peel you know you definitely moisturizer.
  3. i don't use SLS in my shampoo or conditioner because i find it to be overdrying. SLS is a harsh detergent used to give the product a lot of good foaming action. since i've switched to "Kiss My Face" shampoo and conditioner, my scalp no longer gets oily after 24 hours. my old SLS-laden shampoo was stripping the good oils from my scalp, which in turn kicked it into overproduction. i used to always have the problem of my hair looking/feeling dirty within a half a day or a day, and now this doesn't
  4. Yes I did. She asked me some questions and said she wil give it a try. She has real oily skin and usually can use harsh stuff on it without problem, so she is not sure if this will be to gentle for her. Heres the ingredients in the lipid free cleanser her derm office gave me: Purified Water Cetyl Alcohol Propylene Glycol Sodium Laureth Sulfate Stearyl Alcohol Glycerin (vegetable) EDTA Diazolidinyl Urea Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol = very bad This coming from a derm's office
  5. I was prescribed 875 twice a day just yesterday. I'm going to do the same thing as you and just take it because my face is so terrible since summer started. I know it isn't for long-term, but I'm just going through the motions with my Derm unless he finds something permanent (ie I want Accutane, but he said he needs to try 2 or 3 more solutions before he can go that route without getting a lot of crap for it).
  6. My experience has been that the CSR works after a month or so and then stops working after a year or so. I think the skin gets used to the BP. This has been my experience anyway. Maybe people feel they need to supplement other items to make the CSR work for them. I always followed it exactly.. and it didn't work for me long-term.
  7. I've been using the CSR for over a year now. I follow it EXACTLY. It cleared me up initially, but then my skin sunk back to its old ways--a few active pimples at any given time. I've discovered that after a while, the BP no longer seems as effective. The first few months, I had to slather on moisturizer every single day or my skin would be flaking uncontrollably. Now the BP is like applying nothing. I do not get dry, flakey, or red. I've actually stopped using moisturizer because it was making m
  8. Just bought some, Dan. Looking forward to trying it! You're awesome, btw.
  9. ythnbfgbfdgbbbbbbbbbdfttrbtrbtbtbtbtbt
  10. bare escentuals is terrible. good coverage, but it makes the face unnaturally shiny and metallic.
  11. MAC is terrible for your skin. It's the only makeup that makes me breakout horribly. The ingredients they use are very comodogenic, although the salespeople will tell you differently to get you to buy. It's a shame, because their makeup also happens to cover THE BEST ever. it's great for a special occasion or something but DO NOT wear it every day.
  12. My acne was quite severe, and the regimen did work for me. But it took me about 5 good months. The only way it worked for me, with my horrible case of acne, was using LOADS of bp. And I mean, A LOT. To this day, I use almost 2 finger fulls of Dan's BP. He says use one finger full, but that does nothing for me. I need hardcore bp amounts. But remember to start off with just an itty bitty amount, then ramp us as your skin gets more used to it. And moisturize PLENTY! Hi there.
  13. Use less or no moisturizer and a more drying cleanser such as purpose. I've been doing exactly this and my skin seems even oiler. Could it be all of that BP?
  14. I've heard that claim a number of times, but I don't know if it's correct. I'm rather dubious about it. Bryan yeah i personally think it's crap. the only thing that keeps you from looking old is consistent, high SPF sunscreen applications.
  15. Actually, the massive amounts of BP make my face MORE oily. I think it freaks my skin out and forces the oil production into overdrive. It worked for like the first two weeks, but now I'm back to oily again if not more than before!