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  1. MMA and K-1 fighter, Bob Sapp

    1. who that hulk dude in your pic??

      1. aj23

        my quest thru accutane

        follow me from day 41 until im finished with a five month treatment with Claravis (Tha TANE) (40mg 2x perday)
      2. Hi AJ

        Yes, I'm on this board cuz of lovely acne problems. Why on earth would anyone want to just "lurk"??? I love looking at the pics the best, don't you? It makes me feel better that I'm not alone in all this. I admire you for posting your pics; you will be helping a lot of people; giving them hope and strength...and you honestly do have gorgeous eyes and teeth; Keep

        1. haha well thank you! so do you have acne or r u just creepin on the site... jk:)