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  1. one side of my family is irish-russian and nobody I know of has had acne. the other side is german and i know my mum had it. i also live in a humid area.
  2. you should def try products that have lactose in them. for some reason milk really helps!
  3. I don't know.. I'm not an expert, but I use oil free healthy skin makeup by neutrogena and haven't had breakouts or anything. it also has 20 spf
  4. I say go on it too. You really don't have much to lose. The side effects differ from person to person... I noticed mental sluggishness, but it wasn't enough to interfere with my life. I think accutane is very much worth it.. it's like a miracle drug! You won't truly appreciate it until you finish the course and wonder why you ever dealt with acne to begin with!
  5. Hey I def felt sore while I was on it. It also seemed like I had more knots in my back and shoulders. It went away about a month after I stopped taking it.
  6. Don't waste your time like I did mine!! I used the gel for a few months before I went on isotretinoin and it was totally worthless. I've been using the cream for a year after I stopped isotretinoin and now the zits are starting up again! I seriously think if I stopped using it I'd have fewer breakouts. Good thing I'm going to the derm tomorrow! You're probably better off switching to something else. I know tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide were the only ointments that worked for me until I just too
  7. I don't know which one is technically stronger, but I've used both of them! I used the differin gel and cream as well as the tretinoin. hands down the tretinoin worked better for me. the differin cream showed very little improvement after a couple months whereas the tretinoin showed significant improvement in that time.
  8. Ya definitely get the aquaphor... when my dosage increased the corners of my lips would crack in the mornings (before i found aquaphor!). it's kinda gross but i'd put big blobs of vaseline on the corners before i fell asleep and in the morning they weren't all dry!
  9. i don't, and you shouldn't care what other people think!
  10. 1. What is (or was) your accutane dosage? 2. How severe would you say your acne is/was (mild, moderate, severe etc.)? 3. How long did you take (or are going to take) accutane for? For post-accutane members... 4. How long did it take during or after your treatment for your skin to clear? If you are on a second course of accutane... 5. How many weeks/months/years after your first course did the acne re-appear? 6. How severe was your acne when it re-appeared? 1. 80mg per day 2. moderate 3. 6 m
  11. yes, the skin on your face gets dry, but not horridly. before i put on my foundation i use neutrogena oil-free moisturizer on my face. it acts as a kind of barrier so there's no chance of getting yucky flakes with makeup on them. it works quite well and i haven't had any problems the past 3 months i've been on it.
  12. well some people take a dosage in the morning and night, but if you take one dosage, it's best you take it in the morning because the medication absorbs itself into the body through fats you eat. it would probably be harder to eat a bunch of fats at night before bedtime!
  13. yeah i'm definitely experiencing an issue like yourself... the first month, my period was a week late and then i got it again like a week and a half later?!
  14. Yeah I really had problems a month ago with the rashes. I had pretty severe ones underneath my arms that were really itchy and later painful, but they went away with time as I put lotion on them.