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  1. week #2 I have to say to my surprise that my face is significantly clearer than last week. I only have 1 active spot on the right cheek and zero active spots on my left cheek ill be posting pictures later. As far as redness goes well it is still present especially with the clindamycin and my face gets horribly oily within 45 minutes when I leave my face without any product, so I guess that's the down side of it...
  2. Yes I'll be posting some pics Ok so here we go week #1 what I've noticed so far is that my skin doesn't get nearly as dry and red with the Epiduo than it did with the Retin A cream. Also it doesn't peel as much as it did with the retin a. As for the clindamycin, my skin still gets red when I put it on. My skin is still broken out, maybe because of the initial break out from the treatment, but im still skeptical, non the less I will continue til my next derm apt in 3 weeks. so this i
  3. Ok thank you bunches for the heads up ,
  4. Ok so today will be my 1st day/night on Epiduo + clindamycin and ill be posting my progress once a week, but 1st I'd like to share a bit of background on my acne struggles lol So I've had acne since puberty and I am now 27 y/o and I've been on all the oral antibiotics you can name: tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline, etc I've also been on Dan's BP and moisturizer regimen, I've been on birth control till finally my doctor prescribed Accutane, this was back when I was a senior in high school
  5. yup i would have to say its purely because of acne... and i wouldnt say im depressed, i just find myself getting upset for the most part because of acne or whenever it is that i get a bad breakout
  6. and when u can relate to most the things already posted in this thread
  7. OMG yes! ive been doing that this whole summer! although my face has been clear for a while now i always try and find an excuse to tell my friends. As a matter of fact, i just made up an excuse this morning and since my mom knows i always seem to avoid social events with my friends she says im bound to run out of lame excuses lol, but im just hoping i wont lol. i think that i tend to avoid social situations because i worry that once i wear makeup for that one day my face will begin to break out
  8. morning: 1. wash face gently with Dan's cleanser and let air dry 2. apply Dan's BP (2 full pumps) Evening: 1. wash face gently with Dan's cleanser and let air dry 2. apply Dan's BP (2 full pumps) and let air dry 3. apply Dan's lotion (2 full pumps) and let air dry
  9. Awwe! u both are so adorable together, best of luck!
  10. im not worried so much about going back to school (univ.) but im worried that while im in school ill begin to break out because i like to wear makeup to school but hopefully ill be ok *crosses fingers*
  11. just yesterday my mother and i went to go visit my grandmother and before we got off the car i told my mom "i bet you anything my grandma is gonna say something about my face and how my acne is back" ... so sure enough as soon as we saw her the first thing she tells me is: "hunny your pimples are back; did u stop using that lotion u always used? did u stop taking your pills?" and as if that wasnt enough my cousin comes up and says: "no shes just on drugs now grandma" lol that made me laugh, but
  12. Capricorn...yay the first one here! lol and i dont really believe in horoscopes...but my sister does (if that even counts?) lol but some of the stuff i see is somewhat true
  13. Hey everyone, I was just wondering which make-up primer u girls suggest i try on before i go out and buy one. I have always used powder foundation but never primmed my skin beforehand and wanted to know if the foundation would last longer on my skin without having to retouch it by using a primer. Also my skin is normal not oily or dry, and clear, so if u have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it...thanx!
  14. hello everyone, i was just wondering what happened to the other Kabuki brush from everyday minerals...i was just in their website and didnt find it...did they discontinue it or did they just run out??? im just looking for a nice and soft but firm-ish foundation brush.