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  1. How bad was your digestion before you started this diet? That is the thing I am struggling with most at the moment. I've suspected starch foods are the issue but I do eat a lot of fruit, it could possibly be the fructose in them.
  2. I have read in a few places you shouldn't have starch and protein in the same meal, for as long as I can remember I have had both of these together. My digestion is pretty brutal and I know this won't just be the cause but has anyone else come across this or have an opinion on not mixing the two?
  3. It is helpful reading things like this as I just wanted to give up last week with the way I was feeling. I'm taking things much slower now, just having a couple of bits of fermented foods a day and then eventually I will add in my probiotic supplement which I will only take one a day from the start and gradually move up. What is your opinion on vegetables like broccoli? I eat loads of it and I have always wondered about its affects on my bloating. I have read in several places it causes bloatin
  4. I wish I could say it is bearable but the past week, especially yesterday and today, has been very tough to get through. I remember dejaclairevoyant saying they started to get bloating problems, just wondering has this gone away yet?
  5. Wow, I really must have been hitting the probiotics and fermented foods way to hard. This past week my digestion was been awful and I have had major brain fog, it has been so difficult to concentrate. Despite how bad I have been feeling can I look at this in a positive light that this is a sign the good guys are trying to take out the bad ones? I shall really have to cut down on what I have been doing. I was having some of my fermented carrot, romaince lettuce and ginger in the morning along
  6. I'm currently fermenting some bok choy and carrots. The jar I am doing it in isn't the best, it is an air tight one but the top you just push in and not a screw one. I noticed yesterday the lid had pushed up a bit and then the same happened later on. There are some bubbles about and I have noticed it is getting closer to the top now of the jar now. It has been going for about 3 days so far, as it is getting close to the top and as there must be a lot of pressure with pushing the top off would it
  7. Do you have to use cabbage when fermenting foods? It seems every site I have read about fermenting foods has cabbage in there ingredients. It is just making me wonder if my lettuce, carrot and ginger root isn't going to be much good.
  8. I tried my sauerkraut and hated it, no surprise really as I don't have any liking for cabbage. I am now trying to ferment romaine lettuce, carrots and ginger root. I just mixed them together and giving it a try. Does anyone know if this will be much good? I read you can try fermenting many vegetables so I thought i would give these a go.
  9. Where is it now? I ferment mine in the jar already. But yes, you refrigerate it after. 9 days is a crazy long time! I've never fermented mine beyond three days. It is in a bowl at the moment, i have got it covered pretty well though. When i did it I didn't really have any jars available but i shall put it in one now and refridgerate it.
  10. How do you know when your sauerkraut is done? Mine has been fermenting for 9 days now, i've just eaten some and it doesn't taste to bad. Once i do decide to finish it is it okay to then just put it in a jar and refridgerate it?
  11. I am making some sauerkraut and really wanted to make lots of fermented foods to help my bloating and digestive issues. Something i came across has put me off though, it said that fermented foods can actually worsen bloating, has any experienced that? I know they can cause it at first due to die off etc but for anyone that has digestion problems have you noticed the fermented foods actually worsen things for you?
  12. I shall have a read on that, thanks. As my digestion is really bad, i'm bloated/constipated 24/7, do you think it would be best to stop eating any meat and fish etc for now? Maybe it would be best if i just stuck to things easy to digest for a while.
  13. I am currently taking an enzymes supplement that contains Betaine HCI. I am starting to juice vegetables like carrots, cucumber and leafy greens to see if that can do any good. How much do you think this can help with digesting fats or do i need to be doing anything else? I'm not to sure there are any gastroenterologists around my area, i have been to my local doctors and i never find them to particularly helpful. I shall have to see if i can find a gastroenterologist around somewhere though.
  14. I haven't liver flushed in a long time now, it must be 2-3 years i think. At the time i didn't have digestion problems so i'm not sure if they would help or not, it could be worth a try though. Does anyone hear consume bone broth? I was thinking on going on a bone broth fast as i have read they are supposed to be really beneficial to the gut.
  15. How did you find out that you have candida? It is more of an assumption of mine but all the symptons say candida to me. The following are the things bothering me currently.... -Acne -Blackheads -Very flaky skin -Very poor digestion, it has been way over 2 years since my stomach didn't feel bloated. -Down below it gets flaky so i'm pretty sure that is a yeast infection. After i have eaten bread i even get the yeast smell. -Brain fog