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  1. If you've been suffering from bumps all over your forehead and you're not sure why you keep breaking out in that area, then this video is for you. I believe in treating acne holistically so from the inside out. There are so many reasons why our skin starts acting up and a lot of times, skin care products just don't cut it. I've recently dealt with a huge breakout on my forehead and it's FINALLY healing. So in this video I'm going to share what your forehead acne could mean for your overall healt
  2. I'm sharing my recent hormone test results to show you one of the ways hormone imbalances can cause skin issues like acne. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol really affect the health of our skin. And now I finally see how it's damaging mine. Stress can cause all types of problems and one of them happens to be acne and dark spots like hyperpigmentation. I really feel like it's one of the main reasons why our other hormones become imbalanced too. I also share some ways I plan on ba
  3. This may seem kinda random but I really think Fluoride toxicity is the cause of many people's acne and the reason why some STILL haven't been able to clear it up completely even after switching to a healthier diet. This fluoride and acne connection has been gaining a lot of recognization lately mainly because of the book "The Hidden Cause of Acne" (which was extremely eye opening btw). It's about this woman who suffered from painful cystic acne all around her chin and jawline, a very hormonal pl
  4. Bone broth is something that made a huge difference for my skin when I healing it from cystic acne. This recipe also helped support my gut health which is super important if you want to clear your skin for good. I promise this is very easy to make and it actually tastes good. It's perfect for the winter time. Enjoy!
  5. If you’re still suffering from acne and don’t know why your skin hasn’t cleared after switching up your diet and lifestyle, then this video is for you. There's been a recent movement that's been linking Fluoride to acne and in today’s video I’m going to break down why you should be taking this seriously. This topic is inspired by 'The Hidden Cause of Acne' book. I highly suggest reading this if you've been struggling with acne for a minute now.
  6. What’s up everyone. I think you'll find this video helpful especially if you're dealing with some chin or jawline acne right now. I’m breaking down the lymphatic system and discussing why you should be draining your lymph nodes if you want to get rid of acne, cystic breakouts or just skin issues in general. I’m also showing you easy ways to release toxins from the lymph nodes so that your skin can start clearing up faster. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Acupressure Points for healing acne and other skin issues has been around for years. It's very similar to Chinese face mapping where the concept is to associate specific organs in the body with a particular area in the face. In this video I show you how to stimulate the pressure points on your face (third eye, four whites and facial beauty), using a Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Stone. This is also great for lymphatic drainage which is so important for clearing the skin.
  8. The Oil Cleansing Method is changing my skin (in the best way possible). If you have acne-prone skin or suffer from other skin issues, you have to give oil cleansing a try. I’m telling you it WORKS. Ever since I started cleaning my face with oil I’ve noticed fewer breakouts and just overall healthier/clearer skin. In this new video I’ll break down why you should be cleaning your skin with oil to get rid of acne and of course, I’m also sharing my before and after results. Hope you find it helpfu
  9. You definitely should. I've been seeing good results.
  10. Eating a healthy diet that supports gut health is essential for maintaining clear, acne-free skin. What you drink on a daily basis also makes a huge difference. I've been experiementing with a new regiment that involves drinks that are aimed to support the digestive system (again, so important if you want healthy skin). The drinks include sole water, celery green juice, spearmint tea with turmeric, lots of water throughout the day, and some apple cider vinegar. If you'd like to see my full routi
  11. Kat Sanchez

    Why You Should Never Take Antibiotics For Acne

    Same! And bouncing back from it is another long journey. It's overall a bad decision.
  12. If you've ever thought about taking antibiotics for your acne, consider this a sign (or a warning), to stay away from the dangers of antibiotics. This is coming from someone who stayed on it for almost two years for her acne. Trust me, it's not worth it. In fact, I regret taking antibiotics for my cystic acne. A lot of people don't know the negative side-effects frequent antibiotic use can have on our gut health, skin and immune system. Antibiotics can actually change our microbiome (the essenti
  13. Kat Sanchez

    What acne scars do I have? What can help me? (Pics)

    Have you tried a vitamin c serum yet? This reduced my scars a lot. Also applying a turmeric face mask a few times a week also helped. I like The Pride of India brand. It has the right amount of Turmeric so you don't have to worry about it burning your face when you dilute it with water first.
  14. Kat Sanchez

    How I Detox My Skin After the Holidays

    Now that the holiday season is finally over, its time for a major skin detox. I ate a lot of sugar, gluten, and dairy over the Thanksgiving / Christmas break and I’m so ready to get back on track. Here's how I plan to do that. I'm going to add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into my morning glass of water. Doing this will support my gut health which is important if we want clear skin. I'm also including lemon water into my diet. It's a great way to flush out toxins in our system. Food is
  15. Kat Sanchez

    Kat Sanchez

    Diet is everything when it comes to healing your acne naturally. I recently changed up my entire lifestyle and I saw a HUGE difference in my skin. I vlogged the entire results. Hopefully this video will inspire you to do some research!