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  1. You will find many people do experience an initial purging phase where acne deep in your skin is brought to the surface. After 3 months it cleared my face 90% and I am now taking accutane.
  2. once accutane does its job and you stop getting any spots at all your marks will fade over a few months - a few years. your hyper pigmentation looks fairly fresh so I would say within 6-8 months of not having any acne there should be a very noticeable difference and within a year or two the marks will be gone completely and it make look like you never had acne! I'm not too sure if accutane will help the fading. I personally believe it does because it also causes high cell turn over so you are
  3. does the skin there feel really tight and dry? If so the redness could just be irritation as a result of that. I find that if my skin is overly dry it will stay extremely red and be radiating heat all day long. The only way i have gotten rid of it is to moisturize twice a day using aloe propolis cream and applying a nice thick layer since it absorbs in very quickly.
  4. Maybe try and find a new hobby or activity that can really take your mind off it and also release a lot of stress such as going to the gym and lifting weights.
  5. How's your skin condition now man? Is it getting better? I'm also currently suffering from acne and currently on the 3rd week of using benzoyl peroxide 5% (i switched from 10% due to irritation), initial week of use my acne seems to clear up but starting the end of 2nd week i got break out and I hope that's just acne purging stage. Now still working on clearing up the skin from last week's acne invasion After about 2 months the cysts and everything stopped and everything began calming down. I
  6. I have seen some people say that if your acne is getting worse when you go on accutane then you will get a bad initial breakout, If your acne is bad and there are very obvious areas of activity you are likely to get an initial breakout, if your skin is getting better and there is very little activity when you start you are less likely to get an initial breakout. However some people do improve immediately from the start and never experience an initial breakout, its all depended on the person. B
  7. Once you explain to the derm that all the antibiotics, topicals and diet changes haven't helped and you have had acne for multiple years and having already offered you accutane I don't see why they wont offer it again. I started accutane 2 days ago after waiting 9 months to actually get an appointment and prescription and cant wait to see what I will be in like 4-6 months and not have to worry about my skin anymore. I would just say go on accutane so you don't have to worry about your skin any
  8. plenty of healthy fats listed there and if you are noticing good results and not becoming obese then just keep what you are doing and bulk up
  9. Some people don't really begin to clear up until 3-4 months into accutane and experience continuous breakouts throughout that period of time, especially when their dose is increased. I would say you need at least 6 months on accutane and if it is truly as bad as you say it is, potentially an even higher dose of like 60mg. Is there anything in your diet or lifestyle that could be contributing to your acne that you haven't removed? Things like dairy, sugar, processed foods, oily foods should b
  10. may be due to the increased dose, if you are not happy ask your derm to continue for another few months until you are clear.
  11. That is just your face flushing because you are stressed and the accutane can make it slightly more red but it is nothing to worry about.
  12. I have to wait another 2 and a half months because they need to do the blood tests and that is the only next available appointment for them to see me after i get my blood tests. They could have done the blood tests in the 7 months i waited to see the bloody derm and it also makes little sense to get blood tests two months before getting prescribed the drug since anything could happen to me during that time. I'm hoping this will be the last thing i ever have to use to battle my acne and i hope i
  13. I got referred in January for an appointment with a dermatologist and had to wait until the 10th of July to see them! Even after waiting 7 fucking months I am then told that I need to wait 2 and half months to go back for another appointment to actually get a prescription for accutane (They had to squeeze me in as well or else i would be waiting until DECEMBER). What a joke after waiting all this time i could have finished accutane with months of recovery afterwards. I have also had such a sever
  14. 100% remove all dairy from your diet, there are pletnty of dairy free alternatives that use almond milk. I used to be able to consume dairy without any problems but all of a sudden it would cause me to break out as well as eating gluten. As soon as I stopped eating those things the cysts and everything went away, however during stressful times I do still break out but that's very normal for most people