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  1. Ive been  clean and sober for over a year babydoll, i got my sobriety all together do to a Hemorrhoid! and that was the last thing thing that i imagined that would have took me me out of the the scene. So when you and Matty boy  have your first kiddo, send me a pic  [email protected]   and by the way my real name Stephan 1-559-513-9301

  2. I sort of recommend.

    I used Differin twice in my life. The first time was in high school when Differin still came in little swabs (like wet wipes) that you put over your face. It dried my face out but seemed to work. Since those days it's now a liquid form in a tube. I have to admit it works but takes around 12 weeks to do so. I think for me it took about 16. I got better results from Finacea, so perhaps it just depends on how your skin reacts.
  3. Worked well...

    I think Duac is middle of the road. It works well for spot treatment but tends to be too harsh for put all over. Plus, expensive!
  4. Very good product!

    Cleared skin. Renewed skin. Did not cause wrinkles. Lasted a long while. RX prescription only. Picky conditions. Expensive This product was amazing. I used it for quite a long time (mid-2008 to summer of 2010) and while it was for rosacea, it combatted my acne better than any other product. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive as well as a prescription, and preserving the medication takes a bit of effort because it is sensitive to temperatures and needs to be kept chilled. This was not practical
  5. Kairasa

    Did not work...

    Did not work...

    This item did not work well for me. It is the initial reason I joined the org years ago. The smell was unpleasant and it burned my skin. It may work for some, but not for me.
  6. Great product...

    I would give this product 5 stars but it seems to have increased my likelihood of premature wrinkles...and it's not a very great product when you live in a place as sunny as central Texas. My skin is still extremely sensitive, almost 3 years after starting to use BP. The effectiveness is bar none though.
  7. I like both. I grew up in a "town" of less than 500 people and I currently live in Austin, Texas, which has a population of 800,000+ and growing! It's hard to compare when it comes to my skin because when I was more insecure I lived in a small town where everybody knew my business, and I went to school with the same kids for years. I moved here last year and as a 24 year old, I see myself independent of how my skin is doing. Austin is a very laid-back and accepting place though...judgement is so
  8. I've been to: Australia (all around the East coast from Cairnes down to Sydney), Rome, Paris, London, Holyhead (Wales), all around Ireland, and Zurich (Switzerland...but only the airport haha). I plan to visit: Every single country I can experience in my lifetime. I haven't really eaten many exotic foods. I did have escargot in Paris and blood pudding in Ireland. I've held a koala in Australia and been up close and personal with kangaroos! I could not pick a place to be the most
  9. Pretty alright...had a bit of a breakout because I ran out of my acne products, but it'll be back on track soon enough. =)
  10. Moving this to the antibiotics thread. Also, I took it for upwards of 18 months and didn't have any adverse affects, but I did taper the dosage as I went off of it and that greatly reduced the transition for my acne. It did come back but milder, and I still use topicals to this day.
  11. Aw I was really excited about Kaley being here then I realized this topic was 3 years old...
  12. I know it's difficult, and as a teen I used to be INCREDIBLY frustrated when my mom would say "oh you'll grow out of it!" and...I never did. Even now I have to 'maintain' my acne, meaning I use Dan's Regimen and it keeps it under control, but I cannot just use nothing, or the acne will persist. Instead of throwing a pillow across the room and stomping my foot, I learned to accept it as a part of me. Not a good or a bad part, but just one element. Just like my straight hair, my eye color, my b
  13. Well you have to remember that photos aren't always accurate of how you look in "real life." They can be, but lets face it, some people are very photogenic, I'd go so far to say that they look better in pictures than in reality. And vice versa can be true as well. Regardless, if you aren't comfortable posting pictures, don't. But don't let other people decide that for you, decide that for yourself. What is on the internet will potentially always be there, so keep that in mind...but if you hav
  14. I like the idea of a video log, so that's a great thing to begin. I haven't been on Accutane personally but my fiancé was, for quite severe acne (way moreso than yours), and he had success, albeit it was slow to begin. You seem to have a great attitude about it and that makes quite the difference. I'm going to move this to the Accutane logs though, is there any reason that it wasn't there to begin with? Keep updating us and we'll happily support you in your journey. =)
  15. Well I have to speak from the relationship without sex camp... and my vote is that it's good to have an emotional connection with someone you are in a relationship with. To foster a relationship that is meaningful and will hopefully bring both of you joy. Now, I am not unrealistic and I realize that my life choices are not that of many others, but I think the most crucial element is to be aware and considerate of the person's feelings that you are with, and know what their goal out of the rel