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  1. I've tried this too. Great as an inexpensive exfoliator. My skin felt very smooth thereafter.
  2. Hi amaterasu, I have tried it more than 4 years ago and their factory is located in Singapore where I live, hence I'm able to visit them directly. My concern at that time was acne and this is one of the many products which I've spent tens of thousands on that didn't do it for me. Only accutane did. I will not vote for its efficiency for acne treatment. That said, I do feel that this is an integritable company backed by their long history. All the Best, Sherry
  3. My vote goes to Dalacin T for its efficiency and ease of use. It in itself doesn't do it for me, but I used it in conjunction with Accutance, which is the real magic.
  4. Hi Paks91, Accutane did control my the oil on my face very well( I had very oily skin) when I'm on it. I must say though that the oil did come back after stopping medication. Best, Sherry
  5. Hi lovexholic, Accutane did wonders for my skin that no other products/medication(I spent ten's of thousands on products) can and I'll say go for it if you're hesitant about the results. Best, Sherry
  6. Hi Danno, I had lips that peeled very badly while I was on Accutane(but I'll go through it again if I have to given the magic Accutane has done for my skin), and I belive it took a coule of months before my lips resume its normal state. Best, Sherry
  7. HI Connie, If your question is whether the perspiration from exercise will exacerbate the acne, my experience tells me it won't. My dermatologist told me that acne is not caused by dirt and she even had me cut down my washing frequency. That said, personal hygiene is important and washing after exercise is encouraged. But if you think doing so will help the acne, I personally don't think so. Best, Sherry
  8. Hi miketomass, Very interesting post you've got there. I do agree with you that our thoughts do manifest in our reality and its not good to obssess about acne . However being an ex acne-sufferer myself, I know that its very difficult, if not imporssible to not think about it 24/7. My opinion is that people should indeed spend time reseraching on the topic, get professional help and and get on a regime/medication that they've researched on to be promising. Do track the results as time goes and
  9. Hi zorro, I think that's a very good question. It's been well said that success is made up of 2 keys: Determine what you want and get busy paying the price. I battled with acne for close to 3 years and throughout this period have tried numerous regimes/methods. MAny of which consists of 5 to 6 steps. But because I wanted beautiful skin so BADLY, nothingcould deter me from undergoing the regime. Hence I think you first of all have to determine how much you yearn for clear skin. Write things dow
  10. Hi Meeeeeee, I was 20 when I took accutane. Best, Sherry
  11. Hi Molly, When I was suffering from acne, I went to a very established dermatoligist in Singapore where I live and she told me that acne is not caused by dirt, period and she said that washing the face or not will not affect my acne. She gave me this soap( just a normal one over the counter) and instructed me to use it only once per day. At that time, I was in the midst of accutane consumption. True enough, my skin continued to improve( with Accutane) even after I cut down my wash to only once
  12. Hi Molly, There's a tinge of truth to what you mentioned about people woth acne being adverse to wrinkles. According to The Skin Type Solution from Dr Leslie Baumann, people with acneic/oily skin does have some advantage over those with dry skin in term of againg because the oil secreted forms a protective barrier on our skin. That said, while some people who have acne are blessed with 'tight' skin, there are those who're prone to wrinkles too. It's important to find out which category one belo
  13. Hi Chris H, Acne is indeed a condition that has robbed many of their lives. I'm so happy for you that you've taken the first step towards a beautiful complexion by deciding on Roaccutance. Roaccutane has worked for me beautifully and amazingly where thousands of dollars of facials and products fail. It's impressive how you're able to analyze the situation logically and hold a positive picture of the future, and from one who's been helped tremendously by Roaccutance, let me encourage you the fu
  14. Hi stas, I've been through the depressive and suicidal thoughts you're going through now and I know how it feels. I suffered from acne for ard 3 to 4 years and Roaccutane was the only thing that helped me. I want to assure you that you won't have to suffer from this ordeal forever Please do seek professional help and discuss about Roaccutane with your dermatologist. Yes, I did spend 3 + years of my life depressed over acne, but now I have the next several decades of my life to enjoy beautiful s
  15. Hi Henry7, If this is of any help and encouragement for you, Roaccutance has literally cleared the acne on my face . It works where thousands of dollars of products and facials failed. I'm so happy for you that you've made the choice to go on it. All you have to do now is to look forward to your beautiful complexion and say '' Life, here I come!'' All the best, Sherry