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  1. Reilly or anyone else who knows, can you please tell me where to purchase TCA for cross therapy. Of course it has to be a credible place. thanks, taylor
  2. Reilly, I know you're getting hundreds of questions and probably having to repeat yourself so, sorry if that's the case here too. My scars look very similar to yours and right after I had my son last year I've started getting the small ice-pick type scars like you "had" since my acne has returned. Before I had my son I simply had scars on my temples and on my left cheek but now my right cheek is worse than my left. agghhh! I'm going to try cross but I have a few questions before I begin. -
  3. I have a few events coming up so I'm going to try out the Mystic Tan spray. Has anyone done this and has it clogged your pores?
  4. I am experiencing the same thing with Tazorac. I'm using .05% and it's really smoothing my skin out and just improving the overall texture. My doc. said it helps with collagen stimulation and recommended using it when/if I start Smoothbeam treatments. I do peel every few days but it's well worth it!!
  5. In Jan. I had Restalyne injections for moderate scarring and noticed after 2 months it migrated to the sides of the scars. I think it's the tethered down tissue that pushes it to the side after a few months (others have noticed the same thing). I've gotten another round of injections and the same thing is happening. It's great until the swelling subsides a few days later. It's such a tease when I'm swollen b/c my skin's nearly perfect. I would say I have about a 30% improvement, which is
  6. I've read numerous emails here stating that they have scarred due to their picking at their skin. I have acne scarring simply b/c it was cystic acne and I did not touch my skin. Yes, some scars may be made worse if they are picked at, but in essence- if a pimple is going to leave a scar, it will. People need to stop blaming themselves.
  7. I know they are different but I was just wondering if I'm potentially getting the same benefit with Tazorac. Do you have any insight on this?
  8. I have been using Tazorac for mild cystic acne and it's making me peel everyday. Is this similar to TCA in that it makes you peel or is TCA more of a collagen reconstruction process? Should I be using BOTH a TCA peel and Tazorac. I have moderate scarring. Anyone's opinion would be appreciated!
  9. TJ101- I am in my late 20's and had the misfortune of getting chicken pox last year, which resulted in many scars, especially on my forehead. I also had some mild acne scarring before I had my son last year and after he was born I broke out in cystic acne and now have a great deal of scarring. I'm wondering if I should try TCA complex. I've read you shouldn't try it at home. Can you tell me how you did it? thanks, taylor
  10. HI. I'm having a very similar situation. I've had acne since age 12 and some moderate scarring. My face was so clear when I was pregnant last year but I'm now breaking out in cystic acne which is scarring with each pimple. It's scary since I don't know when it will end. I'd like to get preg. again in the near future so I won't go back on Accutane. I'm on Tazorac right now since my derm. says it's better than Retin A, which wasn't helping me. I'm also on birth control since it appears to b
  11. That's interesting that it only lasted 2 months for you since it's supposed to last at least 6 months. I had it injected last month and it'll be interesting to see how long it lasts for me. -taylor
  12. taylor


    Could you tell me more about your saline injections? DId you do them all yourself and did you have bruising and swelling? How did you learn how to do them? thanks for any info and how much improvement have you had from them? I know it's hard to calculate a percentage but just a guesstimate - taylor Yes, saline is reabsored by the body...quickly. That could be an issue if I had been using saline as a 'filler' like bio-alchamid, artecol, collagen, etc. However, the purpose of the saline
  13. taylor


    I was told saline is quicky reabsorbed by the body in a few days, which makes sense. Did you not find this to be in your case? Taylor
  14. Rustymetal- I had Restalyne injections and was teased, as you were, when I had virtually scarless skin (I have many boxcar scars all over) until the swelling subsided. Even after I went 2 weeks later and had the scars filled in again, the same results were achieved as before the 2nd session. However, my temple region has improved about 80% after the 2nd session. Someone else posted that with Restalyne it would move next to the scars. I think this is what is happening to me. Do you feel th