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  1. Shedding of dead skins of the scalp, maybe ? I'm facing this problem too .. but my hair loss is not that big deal , but I notice that the quality of my hair has decreased all too greatly , it is now coarse and brittle , easily comes out and really coarse.
  2. My nose is almost like that picture .. just that it is usually much redder and irritated. I guess my blackheads also seem to me that it is much more prominent.
  3. @STP : You are being ridiculous to not relate internal and external.
  4. I'm just saying that merely a long duration walking would be beneficial to the internal organs rather than whole day sitting( Most people does this nowadays , consciously and unconsciously.)
  5. I've come to an idea that being stationary for long periods make all the internal organs lazy. A few that's most related with acne could be the liver , digestive & colon. As these organs does detoxification therefore when they are not working effectively , toxins build up and gets into the bloodstream / wasted to the skin. Sure , exercise are counted as effective method. But what if you only exercise two hours and been sitting around for about like 10-12 ++ hours in total a day ? It co
  6. Would this be one of the most important factor making one getting acne(s)?
  7. Oh .. the oil not clogging up the pores is already such a big step forward !
  8. It's so cool that finally good way of reducing excess sebum production has been found !?
  9. Lack of sleep alters hormones and metabolism is already a scientific fact. Kids sleep for long hours and go to bed early , don't they ? We will age much faster if we were to stay awake without sufficient sleep. I guess sleep play a very important role after all. And it's not likely a kid would have acne anyways .. they haven't hit puberty so they won't have excessive hormones in their body that cause acne !