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  1. I was browsing the Coty airspun section at Wal Mart, and was looking for a nice finishing powder. The naturelle shade caught my eye. I'm fair skinned with yellow undertones, and getting paler all the time in the winter. Has anyone tried this shade? Is it translucent or does it turn your face white?
  2. Maybelline instant age rewind undereye concealer. Gives great coverage of darkness under the eyes, nice texture, doesn't crease. Plus it comes in a nice little squeeze tube. I think it's also great for covering red marks too. I use the medium color even though I have pale skin with yellow undertones. I have always thought their yellow shade would be good too. The 'Light' shade is extremely pale.
  3. It sounds like they are blackheads also. With some blackheads, only the tip is black and the rest is white. This is because only the tip has 'oxidized', meaning it has come into contact with oxygen that turns it black. Some other blackheads are all black, I think because they are older maybe and have been exposed to the air longer.
  4. I think I've heard that you can't actually shrink pores, but you can do things to make them appear smaller. Keeping them unclogged, and free of oil and excess dead skin makes them seem smaller. I have larger pores than I would like... so I use an oil absorbing mask a couple of times a week (Neutrogena cleanser/mask) then I use St. Ives Hydroxy mask, it is clear then when it is dry you peel it off and all the stuff that clogs your pores and dead skin comes off with it (pretty neat actually) and
  5. Highlights, maybe. You should stay blonde, it suits you, very pretty.
  6. I had been thinking about seeing someone for my depression/anxiety for a few months now. I just made an appointment to see a therapist a couple of days ago. I just can't stand feeling this way. This depression feels like it will never end and it has sucked all the life/joy out of me. Now I worry that no one will believe me or my symptoms And I have to wait a whole month for my appointment.
  7. I've been on the DKR for about two months now, and clear, yay! From the beginning, after washing my face I just pat it dry, wait a few moments, then apply BP. It seems to work great that way. I always wait the 5-15 minutes before moisturizing, since I want the BP to absorb fully.
  8. little labbit, I am so glad you are sharing your problem... I constantly fight the urge to pick and squeeze face and body acne. Sometimes I look around and wonder if I'm the only one that has this battle. I also feel that stress relief, and also kind of an adrenaline rush while I'm doing it, and like you said, guilt and remorse after the damage is done and it's too late. No matter how bad it looks after I'm done, it isn't enough of a deterrent to stop it from happening again. I know a lot of
  9. I want to vent about Proacitve too! I used it for 3 years to stay clear and then it stopped working. I started breaking out as bad as before and then the crappy harsh cleanser would make my face hurt. I realized what a big waste of money it was, and now I love the DKR, I'm getting great results.
  10. My hair only has a little natural wave, but I really have to work at it. Scrunching and lots of product, and air drying. Sometimes I think I would like a perm... I had them all the time when I was a kid in the 80's. I have heard they are much better now though.
  11. Proactive worked for me for about 4 years. It gave me very good skin compared to what I had before proactive, I only broke out slightly (1 or 2 ) zits related to pms. A couple of months ago, I noticed I was breaking out not once a month, but all the time. The proactive no longer controlled my acne, I also had started to form milia. I started searching online for answers, and that's how I found acne.org. I realized that many people feel the same way about proactive. I started the DKR about a mo
  12. The most offensive remark I've ever had about my acne came from a dermatologist! At the lowest point in my life, when I was 16 and my face was purplish from severe acne all over my face, and I felt like going the the derm was my last chance at self esteem... she said to me after my appointment, 'someday you will get married' Can you believe it? So wrong on many levels to a teenage girl!
  13. The only problem I had with maybelline pure makeup is that it did not blend well while on the DKR. No matter how long I let my bp and moisturizer soak in, it would get streaky! I tried my fingers, sponges, and a foundation brush. But I liked the feel of it and coverage when I wasn't using bp on my face. It was nicely matte, and the coverage wasn't so heavy that it looked fake.