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  1. Ive been on Yaz and Aczone Gel for a long time. Recenty I stopped the Yaz because I want to get pregnant and my Acne came back with a vengeance. I have it all over my chin and it looks just horrible. I called my derm right away and he put me back on Yaz and Minocin pellets capsules. My question is, How Am I ever supposed to get pregnant if it seems like I can never go off Yaz? I just want my hormones to be balanced. If anyone has been in my position please advice!!! Do I just stay off the pill
  2. Every day minerals is the only make up that never gave me acne. They have tons of colors and diff coverages depending of how much coverage you need. Best make up ever and its organic and doesnt have any weird ingredients. And best of all its affordable. I also use this gel my derm gave me. Its called Aczone gel and it cleared me up completely. Best stuff ever!!
  3. Ok, after waiting for so long I finally went to my appointement. I was expecting my derm to prescribe me a Retin A with antibiotics but instead this is what he did: After giving me a lecture about not picking at my skin he proceeded to put shots all over my skin. He told me that I actually have beautiful skin, which surprised me because to my understanding I look the crappiest I have ever looked. He said that the dark spots are not scar and that they will go away. He also said that my
  4. How about if I use the Minocyclin to kill the bacteria that is not resistent to Minocyclin and then use another antibiotic to kill the bacteria that is resistent to minocylin? could this be posible? It makes sence because some bacteria might be resistent to one thing and not to another :-k
  5. Ive heard a lot of Tazorac and all I've heard are good comments about it. I went to the Tazorac website and there is a chart in which they compare Tazorac with R.A.M. and Diff. They say Tazorac works much better and faster than the other two creams. This is the website: http://www.tazorac.com/comparing_RET.html Im really thrilled because if this is true, I want to give this a try before trying anything else. / I have apointement with my derm this Tuesday and Im going to ask him
  6. Hmm! :-k I was thinking about using Differin but I think I'll go with Tazorac. I read on one of your posts that it comes in gel version, is it true? Because every body is complaining that it leaves their skin greasy so maybe they are using the cream. Also if it causes dryness, Can I use an oil such as jojoba, Emu or safflower oil as a carrier and moisturizer. I've heard that using a non-comedogenic oil will help the medication to penetrate better and it will moisturize your skin.
  7. J2k, were you using the cream? Maybe you needed the gel istead of the cream.
  8. Im actually using UT in my face and I have to say that since I started using it, a lot of my inflamation has desapeared and my skin isnt flaky no more. Also, my darkspots seem to be fading and I just been using this for one week. I heard of it in a message board and I decided to givit a try, I have nothing to loose I also drank it once but it kind of gross me out and I didnt do it again, though it didnt taste that bad. I mean, C'mon we all have tried grossier things. here's the boar
  9. Is there any way to avoid the peeling? I wanna try RA-Micro to get rid of white heads. I dont know if it works for this. Will it make u bake ot at first? Does it work at all? All I've heard are negative comments.
  10. Im usin OTC and I haven't got any more cysts. I think its preety good, so far. I dont know if yasmin is good for acne. You might wanna ask your doctor because some pills could make u brake out. I've heard that the only pills approved for that matter is OTC and Diane -35.
  11. Sure people have noticed it but when you have to cover, you have to cover. I rather let them see my cover up than my pimples
  12. I have acne dark spots in my cheeks and every time I put concealer on them, they look grayish ](*,) I was just wondering if anyone know any way of concealing these dark spots without making them look gray. It sucks 'cause no matter how much concealer I cacke on, it still look gray, cackey and unatural
  13. I'm kind of confused whether diet causes acne or not. :-k I stopped eating a lot of things that I like. I dont eat any dairy product anymore, I dont eat whithe stuff like bread, rice, bakery etc. No fast food at all. no candies or refined sugars. no juice NO PEANUT BUTTER no salty food Anything ](*,) My diet basically consists of salad with balsamic dressing(lite) canned salmon boiled or baked yams multi grain bread with veggie butter or veggie cream cheese which are made of
  14. Thankyou all for your reply Tommorrow Im going to byu the Tt oil, Robert. You guys must have noticed that I'm still have some acne, but what really bugs me isn't the pimples, because they are going away, but the dark spots that I have now. I really want something that works fast 'cause I think 6 month it's too much waiting to see just a little improvement like it says in those over the counter creams. [-( At least one month its ok Is that ever posible? [-o< Has any of y