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  1. That's right, I gave my beautiful experience with HP, you decide
  2. Yes that's what most of the studies about this say, I'm sure it's all a business, I was really wrinkled with BP and left me non-temporary wrinkles, now I really can't believe the good I am The scars fading effect it's more because of discolor-color process than peeling There are many people that have also finished their problem with HP, I found here there are some cases: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/acne.html I recommend HP for the ones who wants to try something different and hidden, do
  3. Yes I read a lot of information about this, and I have heard this before, and also I read a lot of marvellous results, it works excellent for me, I'm now 4 months with it almost 95% clear and old marks fading constantly without almost any side effect (laughable drying compared with BP), I personally believe that I see more whitening because the oxygen of the hydrogen peroxide is more effective (must be because there is more O2 in the same volume) I really recommend it, certainly changed my life
  4. Study: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/libr...000002/art00010
  5. Some derms told me to maintain BP in the fridge (generally when it comes with Erytromicin or something else) Is it because BP works better cold?
  6. 395 nm Violet is the nearest to 405 nm I found, Would it work? As I have read I found also a lot of 470 nm blue, but I read it's not convenient.
  7. I used 6 months for 3 years Accutane, and now I was quite good using just BP at night. But I decided to start using a multivitaminic complex for being better (because I don't eat all the different foods). This complex has no Vitamin A (because I thought it could worsen my liver because of Accutane). And I started to have a breakout around the day 4, in the front and chicks. I don't know if it's because it's helping to eliminate the residual oil of my skin (cause I started just 5 days ago) an
  8. I forgot to put it 2 days because I was very tired and when I reached the bed I fell asleep, now I have some breakouts, is it like starting from Zero?
  9. Well I think it does enter the pores, because it attacks bacterias by oxidating them and then HP pulls them away like bubbles, it seems to be very effective. Another proof that it penetrates is that it has the strengh to discolor the external layer of the skin and put it whiter temporally (I read in some forums that it's also really useful to discolor and fade marks!) I would like to give a try to it but I'm now quite good with BP lol The problem is that the BP I used to buy is discontinued a
  10. I mean technically HP does the same thing of BP but it's many many times cheaper. Do you think it could work?
  11. Vaseline. It's the strongest thing that exist, some will tell you it's going to break you out, but for me and some others it doesn't, and it's just perfect, the only mess is that it's very shiny.
  12. Great! Btw, don't get depressed if Acne appears a little bit stronger in some days, it happened to me, the first days it was quite amazing! Then a little breaking out, but then in week 3-4 it became better again and after that just a pimple here and there. Good Luck!
  13. Try Vaseline. I found it extremely effective. For example, I don't have wrinkles under my eyes, but I was putting it and dark circles faded but eyebags increased :S Then I was explained that it was working QUITE well and you shouldn't put Vaseline if you have baggy eyes lol But in the rest of the face helps a lot.
  14. I also found 5% is much better than 2,5%, I imagine that 10% must be very great! but very drying also lol. My conclusion is that 5% is the best and easiest choice to find in a chemistry.