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  1. AWESOME!! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing and feeling better!! Enjoy your life! Hugs to you! <3 <3
  2. Wow. That sounds horrible! I feel so bad for that family as well as the people suffering from that skin condition! You're right, that our acne isn't ba at all. We must simply learn to accept it and live with it until it goes away. and you made me laugh so much about my ex XDXD I hope he does too XD
  3. Hey.. I don't think you should cut out all your food to heal your acne. You seem pretty stressed and it's just gonna cause you more acne. Eat your fruits and vegetables and stuff cause healing your acne shouldn't be as important as being healthy. Good luck to you
  4. Hey you! Since you are on this site, I'm assuming that you, just like me, are living with acne or acne scars/marks on your face and that you are seeking treatments for it. And I also know that acne can have a big effect on your self esteem, social anxiety, and mood. So I'm writing this to all of you who are depressed, sad, worried, anxious or hopeless because of your acne or scars. Your acne is not who you are. Nor does it define you in any way! You just simply have spots on your skin. That's i
  5. If only mirrors were not invented. We would all live life to the fullest.
  6. lilieanlilie


    Heyy!! How are you doing today?! Feeling any better?! I hope you are! I have plenty of acne marks, and spots and a few scars on my face. I also have a lot of small bumps too. I know exactly how you feel about school. Everyday that passes, I pray that I can get clear skin but it only seems to be getting worse. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are pretty nice. I wish we could be in the same school and be friends But hey, don't revolve you're whole life around your skin. After all
  7. You're hyperpigmentation really isn't that bad. The marks are pretty light so it should fade out in a few months- a year.
  8. Seeing that I spent 3 hours on this site today, I feel really crappy. My acne is almost all gone but I have so many red spots everywhere as well as small bumps all over my face. It's the worst it has ever been. Even my ex told me my face was disgusting so greattt.
  9. Don't touch it and let it time to heal. And don't pick at it; you don't want permanent scarring.
  10. I don't find that your scars look that bad. There are only a few.. Just try to prevent future ones. And even with you're scars, you are still very pretty.
  11. Can you post pictures? But if the acne scars are deep, I'd suggest laser treatment.
  12. My acne marks look somewhat like your but when I touch my face, it's pretty smooth. Will they end up turning into indentations?
  13. How are you doing today? Did your scars get better? I hope they did
  14. Hey guys I got rid of most of all my acne but now I'm left with plenty of red/purple dots all over my cheeks and red splotches on my face. Anyone know natural ways to get rid of them? I tried everything from lemon, honey, baking soda to tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar but none of it worked. Thanks