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  1. Hi Maddy,
    I have a question for you.
    Im also Asian guy, mild acne (Oily face), my problem also is persistent acne and left a brown scar after that, after a month right now(20mg /day), what i did glad about that is my nose area feeling dried,feel like black head all coming out,so i know i have to be patient , i hope i will have dry skin experience. My question is: Will dried skin lessen my acne marks ,discoloration mark?> 

  2. hi, can i add your facebook, im in phillipines too, male 22. my nick is kon leung
  3. Yeah, let's positive energy guys. My too.I have started accutane slow dosage 10mg only once a day(3rd days now 2016-August-7),my oily skin still there even dramatically reduced but when i touch on my skin surface (its rough) and my nose( all the blackheads on my nose like popping out as you mentioned).I knew that patience need on us .Never give up!
  4. i dont think that is acne or pimple, i have searched on internet, so i found this name Papules and pustules. I also note that are your skin type was dryness?,