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    Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Emery, Hollywood Undead, Blink-182, Audi's, BMW's, Girls, Alcohol (lol), Good Movies
  1. Right on. Sounded like it was good. If she didn't like you after you told her all that she would have never hung out. Congrats bro. Just be yourself and you will be fine as usual.
  2. Eye contact but since it's not someone you know well break it casually. Using "Hey, were we in a class together?" is much better than "Were you in :said class: with me last year?". That's kinda weird and she may take it the wrong way. You want her to know that you remember her, but not to the point where it's weird.
  3. You're far from an ugly dude. No worries bro. Everyone feels like down it's just a matter of an outlook and meeting new people with your current friends so you feel comfortable.
  4. I don't think she is using me because I called her out about it (and I was pretty harsh). She always offers to pay for whatever and does pay. I edited the post so you understand that this started in Mid-October. The end of the post is this past Thursday.
  5. Thanks a ton for reading that! So ask her out again? We've been on 2 dates so far both over a month or so ago.
  6. ///M3/4


    post accutane-didnt finish due to depression+side effects :(
  7. Acne or not it's hard. I can find girls (I didn't mention some in the thread) and hook-ups but finding a girlfriend is damn near impossible. I have a tiny bit acne but I can never click on that level, it's usually a drunken lust when some girl is attaching on to me. And quite honestly that's not much fun after a few hook-ups. So ya! I agree.
  8. In some instances yes... in others: Facebook is fakebook. People need it to make themselves feel like they have a thriving social life and it MUST be noticed. I know too many kids that are addicted to it, almost weirdly. They sit and look at people's pictures for hours...
  9. So you came to truths with yourself? That will make your life better than any antibiotic or anti-depressent. Congrats and good luck!
  10. For sure do it. It will relieve the oil bigtime and your acne will go away. It's been proven more effective more mild acne.
  11. The pill does have a tendency to have some emotional side effects. So I would say this is normal.
  12. Clear within 2 months of the course. I'm done and I'm 100% clear.
  13. Give it a bit more time. You will be amazed how clear and nice your skin is a month after the course.