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  1. a stronge bp duznt work better, 2.5% is just as effective with less side effects
  2. if u dont dump ur gf... then she will know she has u wrapped around her finger... and dont be surprised if she keeps pushin u to the limit...she may not cheat on u again, but she will push u to ur limit in other ways...
  3. nice results!! congrads on the improvements and keep it up!
  4. i have the same problem, i tried diane35 it didnt help me, and u cant be on that treatment for a long time eitha so its not a permanent cure to begin with...I jus got 3 pimples becoz of my damn period but what helps is bp for me ne ways... i kinda stopped usin it this month, hence the zitz but when i use it regularly it keep my face smooth even during my "friend"
  5. i use the spectro bp cream, great stuff really works...
  6. it does make a difference.... when your tryna get rid of existing pimples it makes a huge difference!
  7. antibiotics sure wasnt a long term solution for me..it did help me while i was on it but i just started breakin out the same once i stopped...
  8. im not an expert but i PERSONALLY found the regimen on this site helped me a lot , if you have time look that over... id use a gentle cleanser (non comodegenic) ie- cetaphil, spectro if your harsh on ur skin and try to wash all of the natural oils on ur face i find that your skin just produces more oils to compensate.. its only my opinion i dont kno the true science?
  9. speakin of makeup, my cuzin keeps tellin me bout this cover Fx stuff she tried it and loves it...i uno ??.. i uno..........???.......ne one try that stuff? its supozd to be good for ur skin http://www.coverfx.com/
  10. im sorry you have to deal with all of this, i noe that cysts can be painful and annoyin... i think its good on you that you wont go on accutane tho, if thats ur decision then stick with it, docs now days juss seem to hand out medz without caring about ur personal needs, in any case i wish u luck with findin a treatment
  11. well if it is preventing new breakouts thats great..as far as ur existing pimples...less is more, dont scrub pick or aggravate it by tryna dry it out too much with ur face wash .... since you have all these topicals that helps ur skin have u ever tried a less gentle face wash instead of using clean and clear??...bein more gentle with you skin helps a lot
  12. on the one hand, the person was only tryna be kind... from their point of view they think they found somethin that really works! and they want to "help" you, they have no idea how much you try and try different stuff, and they dont kno how you feel emotionally about ur acne... all these helpful tips always seem to come from people who have never had acne ever in their life..so they would never understand what u go thru.. i dont kno why they suggest somethin they have no idea about?? but wutever