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    Currently enrolled in BSc in Nano-Engineering!!!!<br />Likes: <br />-Music (rock, new age)<br />-Sports(baseball, hockey)<br />-Pizza<br />-Hangin out with friends<br />-Weekends<br />-Sleep<br /><br />Dislikes:<br />-Acne (has to be #1 :D)<br />-Onions<br />-The cold
  1. Well Citaphil has worked pretty well for me... Also, at night I add a few drops of jojoba oil in my moisturizer...it does make the redmarks look worse temporarly but since its at night it doesnt matter. Plus jojoba is a really good moisturizer so when I wake up my face isnt dry at all and i dont have to put on very much of the citaphil..thus not making my redmarks look worse.. I hope that made sense hahaha
  2. thnx for all the replies! Another quick Questions though: How much aspirin should i put in with respect to the amount of acv/water... Like 1 aspirin per 4 oz? thnx
  3. hey, Im just finishing accutane and ive been using ACV for about 3 weeks now Its a fine combination as long as you use a dilluted amount I cant really tell you the best ratio because it all depends on your skin type/how much your skin can handle..I started at 1:1 but it just felt to strong so i moved down to 1:4....after a week i bumped it up to 1:3 and this has worked fine It all depends on your skin!!!! You know what they say: Try. Fail. Try harder. Fail better.
  4. ive been using the lemon in the plastic container.....shouldnt really matter
  5. Hey, I was exactly in the same position as you....pretty much no improvement after the first 4 and a half months.......then, 2 weeks after I stopped accutane, I have yet to have another breakout?!?!? Just wait and see..and try taking them with 3 tablespoons of omega 3,6,9 oils......that seemed to help
  6. Yea, jojoba oil is offered at most large scale grocery stores (I live in Canada so we have differnt chain names)....Its prob offered at any organic store too I got one with vitamin E added in and from what Ive heard, vitamin E is also good for the skin!
  7. Trust me, you dont know pain from a needle until you have a bone marrow test..... Now THATS pain!
  8. bump (sorry i really would like to know!)
  9. The jojoba not only helps your redness, but it feels sooooooooooooo good on the face too
  10. pretty much exact replica of my red marks! Ive been told only time will heal (with a little help from my friend ACV)
  11. I dont want to sound dumb, but what is a souffle? Alpha Hydrox 12% AHA souffle. cool thanks