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  1. The good news is I haven't noticed any more new scarring, the bad news is I'm not seeing any improvement in my old scars. I haven't had anymore Fraxel treatments. I'm thinking about doing Restylane again.
  2. Hi Faith, no, I didn't have any bruising at all. I did get red and swelled so bad that I didn't look like myself in the mirror. I've never heard of anyone bruising from Fraxel but I'm no expert. As far as downtime, everyone is different. You've already had one treatment, right? The downtime from that should be a pretty good indication of how long it will take before you can go back to work. I couldn't leave the house until at least the fourth day after my treatments, the downtime was the same fo
  3. How do collagen injections compare to Restylane? Are the results immediate like they are with Restylane? Does it last as long? I had Restylane done last year and it lasted less than a week! I've heard that was because it was injected too deep, I don't know. Do they cost about the same and finally, will it have a better long term effect as far as filling in the acne scars slowly over time? Sorry to ask so many questions but I'm looking for other options since every thing else I have tried has had
  4. hi cautiously, you weren't using any acidic topicals or retin-a/taz/etc in conjunction or along a similar time frame, were you?
  5. I found this product online, it claims to plump up acne scars and wrinkles for about 24 hours. I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried this. It's pretty expensive but if it works it would be worth it for a quick, temporary fix. I have my 20 year high school reunion coming up and was looking for something like this since
  6. Luckily, I've never had a post Fraxel breakout. I wonder how much of it has to with the kind of lotion and sunscreen they are using. I've been using Neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer and Neutrogena Healthy Defense sunscreen. I haven't had a breakout since I started my Fraxel treatments back in February (which is the longest I've gone in my life without breaking out). Another reason may be that I don't use any makeup for at least 4 days after Fraxel.
  7. I know you're not supposed to use any retinoids or topical vitamin C before your fraxel treatment but does anyone know how long you have to wait after your last treatment before you can start using them again?
  8. Billyboy, I'm a little worried after seeing your post Fraxel numbers. I thought my skin looked worse after my first 3 Fraxels, I seemed to have scars where there were none before. I kept trying to tell myself that I was just being obsessive and that there was no way my skin could be getting worse from Fraxel. Now after reading your post I'm really freaked out! Your scores went down significantly! Do you think your skin looks worse? Is it possible that the first scan was incorrect? The fact that
  9. I'm having it done by Dr. Bassin in Melbourne Florida. It was very painful because I'm getting aggressive treatments but that is what is recommended for acne scars. It's so painful that I really don't want the two free treatments they are giving me but I know if I stop now I won't get the results I'm hoping for. Plus, he normally charges $1000 a piece and it would be crazy to pass up $2000 in free treatments!
  10. Well that makes sense, never thought about that. Yes, I'm female. I didn't have her go that far below my jawline because it hurts terrible last time and left a large rectangular "burn" mark on both sides of my neck. It took over a week to go away and was very hard to cover with makeup. Thanks for your response!
  11. I just got home from my fourth Fraxel. The RN did 10 passes instead the usual 8, I don't know if I didn't numb long enough or what, but OMG!, was it painful this time! I found out that the PS agreed to give me 2 more treatments for FREE since I'm not happy with the results so far. I haven't seen any improvement yet. So $3000 for 6 treatments comes out to be $500 each and that's a pretty good price! So, I'm excited about that. I have a question though about the total energy numbers. Some of you
  12. Yes, I did it for acne scars. I had 5, pretty aggressive, treatments spaced a week apart and I saw no difference at all in my skin. Maybe it takes more than that to see results. I paid $500 for for 5 treatments. I think if docs could convince the insurance companies that it was a necessary thing, they would do it all the time. They would be making a lot more money, think of how many more people would be doing it if their insurance companies were paying. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask your doc
  13. With all of the emotional stress and depression acne scarring causes, I think scar revision should be considered necessary and should be covered by insurance. That's just my humble opinion. I had 5 sessions of microdermabrasion last year and to answer your question, NO, it wasn't worth it. It really did nothing for me. Sorry, wish I could say it did.
  14. My PS told me to NOT to use any kind of retinoids on my face 2 weeks prior to treatment. He made me sign a paper stating that I was aware that I shouldn't be using them with Fraxel. It's been a while since I spoke with him about it and I can't remember exactly why they shouldn't be used together but, I think it had to do with excessive peeling. Not sure though.