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  1. Hey there! I think we're in the same boat. Technically, your case is quite normal according to all the veteran members. I am experiencing red bumps all over my cheeks especially my jawline. I don't have any good advice as my I'm rather new to the regimen though and I've been using it for 16 days. I guess I'd recommend you to stick with it and put your faith in it. Good luck.
  2. Hello too. Thanks for your tips. I'm glad you gave me the strength to carry on using the regimen. My face isn't as dry as it was for the first few days. Well it feels a bit dry when I wash my face without applying the moisturiser. Those red bumps don't seem to be typical acne which I used to get though. The left part of my face is getting more red bumps too. A few of them seem to be slightly shrinking, I suppose. I hope they will go away ASAP according to what everyone and you say.
  3. Nope.. It's easy for you to say rather than observing what I do. You wrongly and ignorantly judged me based on what you WROTE in your post. If you were in my situation, you would've been freaked out. I used a pea size of BP for the first week and gradually increased the amount according to what Dan says for the second week. My face has now got lots of red bumps than the pictures above. I just really hope they will subside sooner.
  4. I've been using your regimen for 15 days and basically followed what's instructed. Two days ago my face was sooo freaking red and burnt in the afternoon. I had to wash it and felt even a lot tighter due to the loss of moisturiser applied. I decided to stop using BP for a day and started by using it every night only till my face is accustomed to it in order to use twice daily like I used to within the second week. What I'm really concerned about is my skin tone. I mean it obviously looks darker t