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  1. hello. did you take saw palmetto before? if yes, what was the effect? I just saw you thread recently, so i thought to give you a message. im a new member here. i dont know how to reach you but through this. thanks in advance!

  2. It is healthy to reduce calorie intake once in a while, as long as you don't go too low, or go too long without adequate calories and nutrition. Which is why intermittent fasting is the way to go. Havoc keeps making the same posts over and over in the IF thread which is filled with links to articles and studies. We are not meant to have plenty to eat all the time. Going a little hungry triggers events such as autophagy which involves the recycling of old tissues to make new. And improving ins
  3. I never said it was healthy I just said it cleared me up which it does
  4. Hey Peony Well, the week before my competition my diet usually looks like this Breakfast - I dont eat anything mainly due to having no time in the morning Lunch - about 70g (dry) of low-medium GI carbs such as Brown rice or quinoa, with half a chicken breast Before training - A banana or two Dinner - Basically just a massive plate of vegetables and mushrooms, I dont even bother limiting how much I eat because veg and mushrooms have hardly any calories between them and having
  5. I usually eat alot of food, most of it healthy, some of it not so (but nothing that is terrible for you). My skin is pretty much clear but I still get a bit of mild acne here and there depending on my diet. However, the sport that I do requires me to stay within certain weight limits, so whenever I have a competition coming up I end up reducing my food intake drastically, I'll eat enough to keep my body going and to get all the right nutrients I need but compared to my usual diet its muc
  6. Probably anywhere with low hanging overhead lighting, if its fluourescent then its even worse.
  7. Thanks so much for your input! I am going to try the seeds, because I just don't know how much salmon and fresh tuna I can prepare each week without my family yelling "Enough!!!". Not to mention the expense. Sardines, mackerel, and herring are not fish we really like. So I'll start slowly with the Chia seeds and see what happens. It could be that you'll be okay with oily fish if you are not having hormonal issues with acne. I really don't know if there are people who are allergic to fish
  8. Fish oil and oily fish break me out in jawline cysts for some reason. I literally never get cystic acne anymore (unless I eat soy, dairy and oily fish). Ive always suspected fish oils gave me jawline cysts, but everytime I tried it I was already breaking out bad so it was hard to pinpoint. Im pretty much clear now, and literally NEVER get cysts anymore. But a few months ago I ate a whole bunch of smoked mackerel and about a week later I ended up the first jawline cysts Ive had in a long
  9. No it doesn't. No research to suggest that. The amount consumed in one sitting may increase insulin, more food, more to break down but unless it spikes insulin like fast acting carbs would then there is no danger of disrupting hormonal balance. The study suggests that protein does spike insulin the same way fast acting carbs does, although through a different process. Carbs raise blood sugar levels which cause an insulin response, whereas protein causes an insulin response so that the body can
  10. Ive recently read that eating a lot of protein in one sitting can raise insulin levels, even more than the insulin release from carbohydrates. There was a study on this a long time ago and theres an article about it here http://www.marksdailyapple.com/insulin-index/#axzz27gu2hMD8 Basically its saying that while protein raises insulin levels more than carbs do, it also causes a release of glucagon to counteract the insulin (unlike carbs which elicit an insulin response only) But the way
  11. So Ive managed to get my acne under control through diet, as long as I keep my carb intake in check, and be careful about my carb sources (low GI/GL), eat a LOT of nutrient dense veggies and fruit, avoid any food intolerances I believe I have, take probiotics/glutamine and other general gut healing sort of supplements (although im not too sure how much help these are to me personally) However even with this careful diet I still get the occasional (and by that I mean every 2 or 3 weeks) breako
  12. hey Joe Bloggs, cool name (made me smile). I hope you fine the culprit for your skin probs wishing you luck

  13. Ok so lately Ive been taking Caffiene pills in the morning, and then at lunch time, and then in the afternoon, nothing else in the pills just caffeine. I would probably take around 60mg at a time which isnt really a strong dose by any means I dont think....... My job requires me to be wake up early (6am) and since Ive always been a night owl and hate early mornings the only way I feel I can get through the day of work without feeling like a zombie is by taking these pills. I know drinking cof
  14. I would say the main reason is an abnormal skin shedding process as tunnelvisionary mentioned. Our abnormal skin shedding process, I believe is a genetic thing and it basically means our pores are more supsceptible to becoming clogged due to a messed up keratinization process in our skin. I believe that this abnormal skin shedding is basically the root of all our acne, unfortunately since it seems to be genetic the best thing we can do is find workarounds. For example, we can get rid of th
  15. So Ive found that certain foods give me acne and depending on what it is, it will cause different types of acne on different areas of my face. For example, if I eat dairy I will always always get big cystic lumps and zits on the jawline, the cystic lumps usually on the underside of the jaw.....I never get jawline acne or big cystic lumps (anymore) otherwise. But when I eat dairy, even in small amounts I can guarentee that my jawline will break out with cystic lumps within a few days. Ive test