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  1. I have just started Accutane about a week ago and I am almost done with my first 10-pack. I was wondering if it was safe to get my wisdom teeth taken out. My dentist said I should get them out ASAP. I am reading that you shouldn't do any procedures on the skin laser\peels etc but I do not see anywhere about things that are not cosmetic. Please help me !
  2. i am using h & s intensive care everytime i step in the shower. i leave it on for a couple minutes then rinse off. i know this may be bad to do but i have been lieing out in the sun as well too but not much though.
  3. so i have been tanning (which i know is bad to do but it is really helping my back acne go away), and i am sure enough going to have many many marks left over. i just bought some 100% aloe vera gel to use every day hoping it will help the reddness go away. i am wondering how much would vbeam cost around?
  4. short timespan = couple of months in my eyes it started out in a small area on my back then i hoped it would go away by just taking showers and washing my back with soap eventually over time it has gotten worse. i am not talking over a night people. if it is a allergic reaction, it must be something in my house and over time has gotten worse. i have no idea. i just know in my eyes a short timespan is a couple of months, i remember i had a less severe looking back 4-5 months ago and it has cons
  5. ahhh a allergic reaction !? maybe i should help clarify where the itchiness might be coming from, after i take showers and wash my back, my back is really dry through out the day (even before using prescribed cleanser and head and shoulders) and i scratch it sometimes b.c it itches some throughout the day. it's not like a thing where my whole back is itching from what's on it, i think it's just from my back being so dry and when my skin moves it gets uncomfortable and feels like an itch. do yo
  6. anyone think i could have folliculitis? my chest looks like it has pityrosporum folliculitis on it so maybe my back might have it as well. i mean if i am using anti bacterial stuff it won't have a effect on folliculitis right ? i am going to wash my entire body with head and shoulders for now on and then leave it on at night like i am reading in another topic. i hope it works yet still i am going to go back to the derma soon just to see if i can get on accutane.
  7. Yea i have health insurance. Lol I am a dude everyone, sorry if my long hair confused you. I am definately going to go back to the derma soon. It isn't that painful but it is pretty embarassing.
  8. thank you all for your replies. yea i know i have it bad. i just want it to go away. i am for sure on my next visit to the derma going to ask if i can be put on accutane. i don't want to be on prescribed cleanser and medication for months and months and months without it working and then use accutane and it turns out that is what i needed to use in the first place. is there any suggestions as to how i should go about asking the derma ? i am afraid he might keep me on stuff that won't work and m
  9. Hey all it's been a couple of weeks i think since i posted the old pics but i think my back is looking better in the new ones apart from all the leftover marks that i have. i still have acne or whatever it is on my back and shoulders still but not as bad as it was. here are new pics here are old pics