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  1. By 'good' I mean pH and concentration correct. I'm nearly out of Paulas Choice 2% BHA liquid but the postage from the Netherlands to the UK is around £10, which truthfully is enough to buy me another bottle of cleanser. Anyone know of any good BHA products that can be store bought or bought from a company that operates within the UK? Thanks
  2. Good luck. But surely you wouldn't want to date someone who's all shallow and thinks look is everything and thinks nothing of other's personality? Assuming he is that kind of person which I hope he isn't
  3. An Aloe Vera sunscreen from The Body Shop (SPF 15) + a pure 10% vitamin C moisturizer from The Body Shop + a toner from Paula's Choice really helped me. Before that, I tried freshly squeezed lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, beta hydroxy acid gels and alpha hydroxy acid gels. PM me if you want further details etc, good luck!
  4. Don't know if they do it where you are, but seriously, I've tried like 200 sunscreens and the only one I've ever properly liked is the Aloe Vera sunscreen from The Body Shop. IIRC, Aloe Vera is the first ingredient on the ingredients list, and afaik, there are no skin irritants to aggravate and cause acne.
  5. Steering towards the obvious.. can't you purchase a toner? There are quite a few toners out there which have been tried, tested and recommended
  6. From experience, there isn't a set definition of what a toner does or should do. One common use for a toner is to remove any make-up and dirt your cleanser fails to cleanse away. Another common use for a toner is to remove any cleanser one fails to wash away with water. Contrary to popular belief, toners don't shrink pores etc etc. Depending on the ingredients in the toner, a toner can potentially do a range of things: from balancing pH as you've said, to delivering anti-oxidants to the skin
  7. Maybe it's due to the fact that DK's Regime is less drying than the Proactive regime? Oily skin is usually a result of using products that strip too much of the skin's natural moisture. In order to counteract this, your skin produces more oil. From what I see and hear, the Proactive regime is pretty drying..
  8. Could you guys possibly recommend me a moisturizer that is safe for break-out prone skin and is also mattifying? I find that my skin is shiny all over by about midday, and I hate having to always blot :/ Products that can be bought in the UK if possible please. Has anyone tried any of the moisturizers that The Body Shop do? Many thanks
  9. I presume you live in the UK. If so, consider the products made by the brand 'Simple'. Many people here praise them and their motto is somewhere along the lines of 'no fragrances or irritating ingredients', and they do stick to it. For a cleanser and moisturizer by Simple, try their 'Refreshing Wash Gel' and 'Light Moisturizer', you can find them at Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury's/Boots/Superdrug and more. If you do go down the Simple route, that's your cleanser and moisturizer sorted, now you only need
  10. I agree with your 'eat whatever you want' statement. Okay fair enough, if you KNOW certain foods break you out such as dairy, then fine, don't consume dairy products. But I've seen some people here totally limit their diets to just water, fruits, vegs some meats and fish and they claim it helps, but why would you do that to yourself?! In all fairness, I'd rather be able to eat whatever I like (in moderation of course) than restrict myself to just water fruit and vegs.
  11. I agree with tishtashtosh. From personal experience, the cleansers that Simple do are very good. They are cheap, and they are as they claim, gentle. Just make sure you actually purchase their 'Refreshing Cleanser Gel' or their 'Cleansing Purifying Lotion' as they also do a cleansing scrub and scrubs are a nono! Also as tishtashtosh recommended, the moisturizers that Simple do are also very good (again from personal experience). They live up to their claims of being gentle, non irritating product
  12. Okay I've decided, I've spent way too much on skincare products claiming to reduce oiliness, reduce spots, help with red marks and so on. But none of them has lived up to their claims after months of use, therefore I'm putting all my fancy toners, BHAs, AHAs and sunscreens away and keeping to the basics: 1. Wash with Simple Refreshing Gel 2. Tone with Simple Refreshing Toner - second thoughts.. no to the toner, the cotton pad is probably what's irritating me 3. Apply OXY 2.5% B.P. 4. Apply Simp
  13. I haven't tried the regimen cleanser yet but I do use the cleansers from the 'Simple' skin care line. 'Simple Purifying Lotion' and 'Simple Cleanser Refreshing Gel' are both good, and many people on this board from the UK do praise the Simple skin care line. What's also good is that you can find Simple products in well known stores such as Tescos, Asdas, Sainsburys, Boots and Superdrug to name a few:) Hopefully someone will back me up, but if not then I promise you, their stuff are good.
  14. The first mask by betterhealthyskin.com will definitely absorb oil due to the concentration of Sulfur in the mask but the Salicylic Acid will do little if any to 'exfoliate layers of dead skin cells and help to flush out impacted pores', the concentration of the Salicylic acid is far too low to do anything, and you will be washing off the mask anyway therefore effectively you are washing off the Salicylic acid as well. Sorry about sounding too technical but I have to mention it.. If I'm correct,
  15. Some background information first, I'm a guy and I've tried nearly every hairstyle my hair is capable of without the use of chemicals e.g. curly hair is a no as my hair is naturally straight. I prefer medium length hair more than spiked hair but the problem is that each time I get it cut, the hairdressers use a pair of hair thinners (or whatever they're called) to give hair that layered, textured, spiked look / effect. The problem is that when I start growing my hair for the fringe look, my hair