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  1. Ive tried that to heal mine faster, which it did, but it just makes me breakout more
  2. Im 25 and didnt get acne til I was about 20
  3. A doctor recommended Medicalia to me and I was looking at the website. There is no list of ingredients and Im wondering if anyone here has used it? Does it work? The testimonials say it works but basically every crappy product Ive ever used says the same also, so Im a little skeptical. He also wants me to take antibiotics which sucks because I cant swallow pills haha! http://www.medicalia.com/testimonial.html
  4. And yet, those of us with acne manage to get married and pass on our acne-prone skin to our children, generation after generation. Acne is strongly heriditary. If it were a strong de-selector, it would be a lot more rare than it is. There is so much to respond to in your post, that I hardly know where to begin. I'd like to take a stab at writing most of my thoughts on it, but it's going to take some time to get them together in a coherent way, so it will probably happen in pieces. You are not w
  5. I was on clearskin.net and some people there had used it. And from the posts there its not working. They are getting whiteheads and all that stuff. I guess there is this other stuff called seabuckthorn oil and thats supposed to do something. Has anyone used this stuff called the Face Doctor? I tend to be leery of any company that tries to sell a miracle cures for acne. I've seen ads for that soap and I have a feeling that if people were having acne cures, that we'd have heard more about it. But
  6. No drugstore brands! They contain fillers like silicone that really damage your hair and skin.Silicone is found in your products with any big chemical name that ends in the last four letters of C O N E.. The way the stuff works and what makes it so perfect for a conditioning agent in shampoo is that it works off electrical charge and is attracted to the charge of the hair and doesn't get washed off, that's why Neutrogena says use their "Clean" shampoo for 14 days and then go back to your "favori
  7. What about the silicone they use in those shampoos? Those cause build up on your hair I wonder if it does anything to your face. I recently went off of pantene because my friend who is a stylist told me thats the worst stuff ever with all the fillers and silicone in it and my bacne has been clearing up. I found this online so it sounds promising "Pyrithione zinc was first compounded in the 1930's, and its primary function was as an anti-fungal agent. Today, Pyrithione zinc is still seen as an a