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  1. Good luck, I had this procedure done a few times and it did help. You may want to consider silicone as well since I have subsequently had that and have been even happier with the result. Don't just it now though. All you are probably seeing is swelling and the bovine that is injected with the glass beeds. You body will absorb the bovine though. The hope is that your body will then form collagen around the beeds that are left behind.
  2. Well, if the silicone removes the depression then it should look fine from all angles. But from everything I have read and in my personal experience, the silicone does best to act as as volume filler. Even very slight imperfections can be seen in some lighting conditions and to actually restore things to a perfect level seems almost impossible. I just don't think docs are that accurate and neither is your response to the silicone. So I would readjust your expectations to something that is pr
  3. I want to chime in. I have not been very active on the boards and there is a reason. I have about 5 or so rounds with Dr. Alkek with silicone. I am not perfect, but there is such a significant improvement that I rarely think about. I have done dermabrasion, CO2, Fascian, subcision, dermaroll, artecoll injections, retin-A, etc, etc...almost everything imaginable. I got some help, but overall it was not too impressive. For MY type of scars, which are mostly rolling with soft edges, the sil
  4. I still have redness (rosacea) after 10+ yrs since a C02. The bad thing is that my hair is receding and you can see the line from red to tan colored and it looks pretty ridiculous. Now, I have been working on the rosacea aspect for many years...but is there anything "special" about CO2 redness versus regular "genetic" type rosacea? I should not have rosacea by design, but its more of a type of injury than something I was born to have. Any additional ideas versus the typical rosacea treatment
  5. I would say at LEAST 6 months. Personally, I would wait at least a year...not worth risk in my opinion. If you fall into the category that you are that desperate and can't wait, you may want to rethink your decision all together. Think long term!
  6. Sorry billy, i live out there too. Flying to Dallas is my only option, and it's worth it. Get this, i do it all in one day. I take one day off work, leave early early early, arrive in Dallas around 11am, rent a car, drive to Plano (20 minute drive), get the hour procedure, return the car, fly back and i'm under the covers before midnight. I go to work the next day because there's no scabs or NOTICEABLE swelling. Don't get me wrong, it swells, but it doesn't look obvious. tickets are $300. i
  7. In my experience, the first few days are swollen and look overcorrected. They are also quite lumpy. This freaked me out the first time. After a few days things will settle down and your skin will look quite good. Then over the next few weeks the swelling will go away and it may look good or maybe not, however this is still not enough time for the collagen to start building. After about 2-3 months, whatever collagen that was going to encapsulate the silicone should have done its job and then
  8. Montero and all, I just had another round of silicone with Dr. Alkek. Please do not judge it too early though. For the first 4-6 weeks my skin looks pretty darn good. After that, those results start to dissipate. Thanks for posting, BUT please report back after about 2-3 months and I think you will be able to give a more confident opinion about how lasting the results will be. I am almost a week out and things looks very good now, but I will not get excited about it unless it holds at the
  9. I have had both CO2 and silicone (and just about every other treatment). To me, CO2 is a last resort...a desperation move. I was dumb enough and the internet was in its infancy when I made my bad decision about it. If you do it now, then its your own fault if it comes out wrong...you should be lucky to have people like me to share our success and failures. Silicone is to the total opposite...very low risk. It has helped me at least as CO2 without the nasty sides (and mine are not nearly as
  10. If you want to use lights for other things, then it could work...just skeptical about its usage for directly treating scars. If you do get a device, do yourself a favor and make sure the intensity is appropriate and corresponds to the studies. These devices tend to be all over the map. It is very possible you might purchase a low power unit and totally waste your time...I have seen it happen many times. As a starter, look at the acnelamp units for comparison.
  11. I have used a few RLT (red light therapy) devices and have rosacea. I learned about it on the rosacea forum that you point out a few years back. I have also had over 20 IPL treatments. For RLT, there have been reported benefits of skin tone and things like this....but never never have I heard anyone saying a scar improved from RLT. Heck, rarely do you hear IPL does anything for scarring, did not do anything for mine. For me, months of RLT to treat rosacea was pointless. Unfortunately, the
  12. Lets keep this POSITIVE! Naitch...enough already. I think I am getting some benefit from silicone. I am going for more rounds and hopefully in another 6-12 months will be happy with the result. Have to be patient with this.
  13. That NASA study demonstrated ability to improve wound healing. It gets extrapolated into so many other things that it is ridiculous. I have looked extensively in light therapy for other reason (besides scarring) and have tried several units myself. What will it do for scarring? Nada. You would have be a bit foolish to think it will. Some have claimed it helps with rosacea...but even that is VERY speculative. But scarring? C'mon.
  14. Felt I should chime in. I have continued my treatments with silicone. I have had about 5 now and the last one over a month ago. Honestly, the improvement is not that dramatic...but I think there is some improvement. Because of that I will continue to try more treatments. So currently my opinion is that it may be effective, but it may take time. If and when I am really satisfied I will surely give an update. It is worth it? Hard to say...but in my opinion it is still worth it so I will co
  15. Drew is clearly Dr. Lam. It is so obvious that he set up an account on acne.org 4 years ago...just waiting for the moment to strike. Now that he has pounced, he might get an 5 or clients because of this thread! Haha...ridiculous. Drew is just sharing what he has tried and I really doubt his life lives around this board, this thread, or even his scars. If we HAVE to see photographic evidence, in consistent lighting, for anyone to make a statement...then we pretty should just shut this board