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  1. Im going to stop everything and put my urine on my face. I hope it works
  2. I get acne on my chin and around my jaw line the worst. And to make matters worse I have gotten shingles on my chin a lot in my highschool years so I have scar tissue there that hurts a lot and is red. I have been using retin a micro on my face at night but it doesnt help my chin at all...
  3. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and when I met him he briefly had acne. I have had acne since I was a teen and im 23 now still have it and it is frustrating sometimes I feel I struggle with it all alone becuase he is blessed he got rid of his for good after highschool. The worst part is he drinks pop all the time never washes his face.. and I waste so much time with no results. I wish I had someone to relate which is why this site is so nice. People in my family feel bad for me
  4. I use Yasmin but I can't tell if it does anything becuase I also use a couple other acne meds and could'nt pin point it even if I tried. I wish I could. Although, when I went off the bc I think the acne came back a bit worse.
  5. I use retina micro at night followed by clindayacin cream after. then in the morning I wash with mild cetaphil face wash and more clindanyacin.
  6. I feel like having acne for me is like having good and bad hair days. Some days my acne is better than others and on those days I feel like I can go out a lot more and feel pretty while with my boyfriend. On the bad acne days I wouldnt mind it if I could hide inside under a blanket and would most likely say no to an intamite activity with him.
  7. I went to my dermotologist for the first time last Feb. he wouldn't put me on Accutane yet becuase of how strict it was. So he put me on b.c pills (yasimin) doxycycline, and retina micro/ clyndamyacine gel at night. After that he told me to come back after a few months. I went back and I felt very happy with my results so far. I ran my hands over my skin and said how smooth it felt and how it looked like i had no more pimples. He said I still had some... I made me feel bad he didn't mention any
  8. In a recent post someone said one of the things that makes the derm say ok for precribing Accutane is the patient not having an issue with money. I was wondering is this very expensive. I was told 2 years ago that without perscription coverage it was $200 but It may have changed. Just curious if I coulde even afford it if I got lucky enough to get some.
  9. I have been using Retin A Micro at night followed with clindamyacin morning and night and doxycycline twice a day and yasmine birthcontrol once daily for two weeks now and I happily report that I haven't really had any new breakouts since, I only experienced minor dryness that looked like a tiny bit of sunburn in the sensitive spots of my face. I am going back to the derm after 2 months of using this regime and hope that I will start to see a reduction in the red marks as well. I know I should j
  10. I am a 23 year old female who has had moderate acne ever since highschool. I actually can't ever say I have had clear skin since it all started back in the days. The last year or so has been the worst becuase I am seeing lots of redness and scarring on my cheeks and chin. A few months ago I got some nodules that spread on both sides of my jawline. The nodules on my jawline lasted for about 3 months and were painful and itchy at times. Somehow they went away recently and left huge red scars behin