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  1. 30mg 1st month 45mg 2nd month 30 twice a day 3rd month 30 once month 4-6
  2. yes, gets sooo much better! check out my post, finished my course this week, although i still got a little less than a months worth of accutane for backup? the side effects were terrible for me, gpa dropped to 1.6 and I had to drop a class. Surprisingly, I did all my homework for that semester too. But my mind felt like an ice rink and facts and figures just would not stay put. Every test I took it felt like i was looking at some new material even though I'd put hours into doing homework at t
  3. Hello again everyone! I was never active in the community of this board but I used to spend hours and hours searching , reading, emphasizing, being happy, being sad, and whatever on this board hoping to find the answer to this enemy that has plagued the majority of the last o i dont know 6 or 7 years of my life, but it never completely came. O yeah i was in the bath tub with the container of sea salt, on the DKR for months while spending an unusually long time in the mirror, trying the fish o
  4. Sorry about the delay for all who have been avidly waiting for an update, here is week 1. I am impressed so far by this method's ability to reduce oil production on my face. Although, I have been getting new pimples since I have started this, they seem to dry up quickly and it appears that this is working. As usual, with the reduction of oil comes the emphasis of red marks, but I swear my face doesn't look as bad as the pictures may have you believe. My complexion feels clean at night and oi
  5. Well here goes nothing, I just bought Certain dri last Saturday and have been using it as described by nloo. Is this a dangerous product? Am I sacrificing my bodies natural defenses in hope for a quick fix or working alongside my body towards the final defeat of acne? Slightly uncertain of this method's activity, yet confident that I will overcome this obstacle; I will pursue this technique for a minimum of a month providing weekly pictures. Let my images provide guidance for anyone who has t
  6. This is pretty typical of me when I return back home from college. When I see my old friends, acne plays absolutely no part in my mindset and for the greater part of the weekend no worries. Although I'm not going out with any girls, I do get many hugs and I love you's from many of the girls at the party. Making life better for myself has just been dancing with the band at 2 in the morning while everyone else is starting to pass out, exploring nearby woods for haunted houses, and making no exc
  7. I want to spend the rest of eternity with jesus!!! question, Do you think a device for other's to experience other peoples experience's would be an excellent tool?
  8. Alrighty so after a good nights sleep and another exhaustive day, I must admit I'm in a lot better mood today. Thanks for all of your support, i still dont know how i should perceive college. Like I dont drink but I do work out (probably isolates me even more cause I eat all clean foods) I play two instruments and I just got a job as a tutor. Actually, that job has probably been a lifesaver for me because I dont have to work up any sort of courage to talk to people, they come to me! But what
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first real post here even though I have been lurking here for about a year now. The thing was that I had plans of making my clear skin dream come true and posting here after I was finished but lately have been losing interest in just about everything. Well I dont know how to explain it because Im still doing great in school and everything but I have no friends, no fun, not much to look forward to. I just keep on persevering through these difficult times because I know