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  1. I only do at night. Im afraid of CA sunlight too much, so I dont use bp in the morning.
  2. Use SPF-15 moisturizer. I've heard using scrub is somewhat irritating.
  3. I've been using Dan's regimen for 2 weeks now. 1) Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 2) Dan's BP gel 3) Neutrogena SPF-15 moisture I bought Eucerin face renewal aha lotion (SPF-15) yesterday. Is it okay to use aha lotion? Thank you.
  4. I've been using Dan's regimen and Proactiv for over 3 months. However, my skin is getting red and no luck. ](*,) So I'm just using the clean & clear pore cleanser and the eucerin alpha-hydroxy moisturizer for a week now. What should I do? I have several mild acne and redness. Any products u guyz recommend? (plz no accutane)
  5. I've been using a proactiv for 2 weeks now. My skin is better now, and there is no whitehead on my face anymore. The problem is that I have small and big blackheads on my face. I hate them! If I touch em, it really hurts! Please help me out! 1) Gentle cleanser 2) Proactiv toner 3) Proactiv BP 4) Eucerin Alpha-hydroxy moisturizer
  6. I found red marks all over my face after using BP. I've been using 10% BP w/ moisturizer for 3 months. and I change it to 2.5% few days ago. Weird thing is I feel itchy sometime and my skin is peeling off. I didn't have any red marks on my face before, but after changing it to 2.5%...it feels burn or something. I feel my acne is clearing up, but red marks! Did I use too much? I use BP during the day w/ moisturizer and w/o at night. (I never used 10% BP during the day.) Oh..
  7. I've been the regimen over a week now. Im using Neutrogena BP 2.5% and spf-15 moisturizer. (not alpha hydroxy) Should I use Alpha Hydroxy spf-15 Moisturizer? or just stick w/ regular spf-15?
  8. im using that mask, too. works pretty good. how often do u use it? twice a week?