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  1. I have a kind of smallish red bump under my skin. I don't know whether this is a cyst, only seems to have appeared a couple of days ago, I have never had a cyst before as far as I can remember, whats the best way to stop it in it's tracks? ibprofuen? Ice dip regime? BP any other topicals? drink lots of water eat certain foods? it's not really too inflammed atm, it's just slightly above normal skin level. acne is scary
  2. Eating fruits that are red or orange in color will help improve you skin health and help to prevent acne. Here are the fruits you should be eating. * Apples – eat 3 – 4 apples a day while working to clearing your acne. Apples are good for skin health. Eat at least 2 a day. Eat organic apples because you can eat the skins and most pectin is in the skin, which helps with constipation. Apples contain ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids, fiber, pectin, quercetin, minerals, and vitamins * Apricots –
  3. Red scars?! I thought the redness on the scars is just hyperpigment, and it fades after a while, am I wrong?
  4. THE ANSWER, oddly, has been provided by genetic research on monkeys. The monkey research reveals that in many species it is the low-status not the high-status males which breed successfully. One problem among many monkeys, and also among human beings in a state of nature, is that life, especially for the males, is indeed nasty, brutish and short because the alpha males are for ever killing each other over females. Anthropologists have shown that the male-on-male murder rate among some surviving
  5. Not meaning to try and scare you, but i've read somewhere that it can blind you.
  6. Thanks mattthecat and obsessedwskin, information you gave was extremely helpful, and yea it's only in that one area that is zoomed in the picture, if my whole face was covered in the lesions then I would probably consider my drastic action, but I'm going to carry on with a slightly washed down version of the DKR.
  7. The sun is actually really good for you in moderation, it's the most natural thing in the world! But you should exercise due care, make sure you don't get burnt it will help your skin so long as you build up a natural barrier by introducing yourself to the sun slowly and try to avoid it when it's at it's hottest, it makes you feel good as well, helps with depression. If feel so content and peaceful, when relaxing in the garden in a chair for my eyes closed, feel the rays of sunshine lightly kis
  8. I was wondering what peoples methods or techniques are on this, as I've never done this before. Hopefully this could help others too. Would help me out greatly if people could give me there tips.
  9. I'm hearing alot about this stuff, being good to put on inflammed spots and basically the aftermath of spots, but I don't think you can get this in the uk, I was wondering what everyone else uses as a good healing cream here in the uk, is sudocream any good?
  10. I dont need accutane, my acne is mild, I only have one active spot in the last 6 months, it may be a bastard but accutane deff isn't tha answer. but thanks anyway
  11. cheers for the advice buddy muchly appreciated!
  12. That isn't a poem dude, a poem is artistic, don't even give it the satisfaction it doesn't deserve by calling it a poem. Well if thats how she gets her kicks, by shotting someone down ON THERE BIRTHDAY with sh*t like that (excuse my french) Obviously she has no life, nor imagination. Dont let ignorant pigs like that get you down, it's depressing that people like her exist
  13. what happens to the pus if you don't get the pus out manually? was wondering if you have an inflammed pustule and you could fill pus under the skin when you touched it, would would happen to it, if you left it to it's own devices and just added bp?
  14. Is it ok to apply a small amount of pressure to a white head? I applied the smallest amount of pressure to it, by gently pressing with my finger, got some pus out, but I was so scared, and feel guilty and regret doing it, as I hear it's more likely to cause scarring, please could someone put me out of my misery, was this ok or a really bad idea? I really value everyones opinion on here so much, please if someone could give me some good advice to follow when it comes to these things.