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  1. i thought it might be too but since 2.5 doesn't work anymore..i guess i have no choice ; \
  2. I just recently switched to using the kick @ss industrial formula by Carley's as my skin apparently became immune to the regimen. I'm wondering if anybody else has tried Carley's and what they think. I'm using the 5 % benzoyl peroxide because i figured since the BP in the regimen is 2.5 % , it's not worth going back to 2.5. tnx
  3. thanks a lot for your advice!
  4. should i be using the moisturizer at all if my skin is this oily?
  5. When I first started the regimen a year ago, my skin would get very dry and i had to use moisturizer to get it hydrated . Now , however, my skin becomes VERRRRY oily within minutes of applying benzoyl peroxide. Also the regimen doesn't work as well as it used to for my skin. ( I guess my skin got used to it ) Is there anything i can use to control the oil that won't intefere with the regimen?
  6. I visit tanning beds quite often and I have really fair skin on my face. BP makes it especially more sensitive and pale (hence the tanning) I'm wondering what procedure i should follow when tanning because i feel that I'm causing A LOT of harm to my skin by tanning and using BP at the same time. any suggestions?
  7. I've been using DKR for about 3 months and my skin improved except my skin started peeling and flaking more and more as the time went on, no matter how much moisturizer i would reapply throughout the day. Now my face looks worse than before because it's covered with flakes of skin =[[[[ is there any moisturizer or anything else that i could apply to the regimen that would help me fix this? tnx, Allana
  8. Has anyone tried neutrogena sheer tint moisturizer?
  9. yea a lot of people say it makes you orange so I'm really hesitant to try it but i hate looking this pale !!!
  10. The BP really bleaches my skin tone so i use the natural glow moisturizer but it seems to react really badly with the BP and makes my skin flame :\ I'm just wondering whether it's alright to mix the natural glow moisturizer with the regimen...
  11. okay thanks so much for your advice !!
  12. Today was my third day on the regimen and I last applied the BP about 2 hours ago. Now my skin feels like it's FLAMING ! & It's bright red. I'm guessing it's just the reaction to the BP but I'm wondering whether or not i should break from applying the BP for a while until my skin regenerates a little. How long might the redness last??
  13. alright i guess I'll try the AVG first, as it's the only moisturizing substance that my skin absorbs quickly and then maybe I'll try out the Garnier Pure Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturizer. Thanks for your help !!
  14. My skin is naturally Oily so I'm somewhat hesitant about using a moisturizer like cetaphil because it comes on really thick and leaves a greasy feeling! Would using something like aloe vera gel be more beneficial in my situation??