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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It might be a couple of months, just be patient and positive, it will clear. Alright thanks for the reply. I've found out the medication stays in your system for two weeks, I didn't realize your body would take another few months to fully eradicate the embedded bacteria.
  2. Be prepared for a long journey. Don't expect results until a month or two after you're finished. If you get them sooner, all the better, but don't expect that or you'll most likely be in for disappointment. I've been off Accutane for over a week, off antibiotics for nearly three. Recently I've experienced dozens of small scattered breakouts across my face, while on the medication I never did, my skin being completely free of any type of acne. Should I expect to wait another month or longer for
  3. Anyway I called the pharmacy and they had no more additional info than what was on the package, which states to 'store between 59F - 86F', which is general instructions for a wide variety of medicines. I was concerned because I noticed that the temperature in the room I stored the Accutane reached 86F (or possibly more) during a heatwave, but not for a long time period. The pharmacy told me to contact the manufacturer, which only has an address, but no number. Anyone had a similar experience?
  4. Anyway I was told to fast for ten hours before my bloodwork.
  5. 20 mg doesn't seem enough to really affect you unless you experience some dryness already. I normally used Bausch and Lomb regular and Sensitive Eyes solution along with Sensitive Eyes drops when wearing contacts(I also use Thera Tears lubricant drops for discomfort,which is not to be used for rewetting contacts). One side effect I had from tetracycline was dryness which escalated with isoretinoin, right now I alternate between tinted glasses and contacts.
  6. 1) What is your dosage? 2) What treatment month are you on? 3) How many more months of treatment do you expect to have? 4) Are you seeing a derm. and getting regular blood tests/checks? 1.) I started at 40mg a day the first month, then two pills/80 mg the next. 2.)Two and half months in 3.) 5-6 months total 4.) Yes.
  7. Cephalexin is one antibiotic commonly prescribed to people that responded well enough to Tetracycline.
  8. I think it probably depends on the severity of your skin disorder. The first product I used was clindamycin solution which was extremely effective. After I slowly developed a resistance over more than a year of use I was prescribed several topicals over time, none had quite the same impact, there would be more or less the same diminishing results.
  9. Alright I briefly switched to a generic version of doxycycline which stated the same directions as tetra, while the Doryx claimed it could be taken at any time with or without meals -which was confusing. The cephalexin is a definite - and welcome - change of pace, not having to devote hours of the day to the select meal you're taking your medicine with.
  10. Are there any restrictions on this medicine? Originally I was on tetracycline which restricted options on meals - ie no calcium or iron. I was wondering if certain types of food might prevent this antibiotic from being fully absorbed? Thanks in advance.
  11. Are you using any other topical medication? Six months is ample time on one percentage of Retin A creme. I used 0.025% - 0.05% - 0.1% over a period of a year and stayed with the 0.1% the longest. (I was using clindamycin solution during the same timeframe) From my understanding of the drug it's intended to push the acne vulgaris to the surface for the medication to eventually better treat the symptoms. I don't see much benefit in using the creme more than a year I felt it did what it was inte