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  1. My doctor was Dr. Parson in Az im a light skinned hispanic. At first i was trying bleaching cream with retinol but swiched to one with out about two months ago it still get red. Maybe not as red but still red. I see my doctor about every 2 months and am told to give it more time. I posted this question on another fourm and was told that i might want to try a short term topical steroids such as Elocon to help improve the redness. so I think that will be next move and see how that goes.
  2. I got dermabrasion almost 8 months ago my face is still very red. Right now i put bleaching cream everyday sometimes twice a day its tuff tho cause it makes my face even more red. I havent read anywhere where peoples faces were still this read after 8 months. has anyone had this problem or have any advice. should i keep with the bleaching cream which just seems to make things worse. Is there anything that will help reduce and get rid of this redness?