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  1. yoo, where you at girl?

  2. thank you very much! i don't think i need to ask if that's you in your picture

  3. Skin is good still dermarolling, started terproline along with it. If I use my .25 or .75 I'll also apply green cream afterwards, the next day I apply terproline. Also tried dermastamping last weekend.

  4. You can get me anytime ;)

  5. I can see the resemblance.

  6. U brat, I'll get you my pretty

  7. haha no, it's mac from the show it's always sunny in philadelphia, but it can be me if you want. ;D

  8. lol, you aware from where it's from?

    I meant every word though ;)

  9. So glad you know some Italiano :) Thanks for the compliment. You don't look so bad yourself ;)

  10. hello very heavenly blessed beauty Mone't. Whos inner beauty and beauty is simply divine and everlasting. Just want to say your lookin real sexy and absolutely smokin hot. Keep the great work up. All the best in '10 with all your fitness goals. Takecare and God Bless Ciao Bella Beautiful Mone't

  11. hey its pretty calm at the moment but still have moderate acne..iv been taking doxycycline 4 it. how about you.x :)

  12. Thanks for the add, how is your skin?

  13. Going great. Didn't start my cut yet, as I want to just do another couple of weeks of bulking.

    Congrats on the lower bodyfat and on your nephew's birth :)

  14. How are you this week? I'm doing good but busy as hell. I lost a little bit of body fat woohoo, have been doing great on my diet. Nephew was born on Sunday too.

  15. Subcision is when a nokor needle is used to break up scar tissue that's tethered down. I had it down before to a few scars, my rolling scars responded quite well. I have no scar from the nokor needle, I went to a dermasurgeon and she is very skilled and reputable. I can only tell they are there if I look closely.