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  1. I don't make very many posts as I haven't been on the forums very much lately, it's usually when I'm curious about something or if I think I made a personal discovery like I feel I have now. Anyways recently I started grow a beard just out of boredom, and a week later I've noticed I hadn't gotten a single pimple. Usually I get a couple pimples a week, it's nothing serious. I'm currently on dan's regimen, and ever since experimenting with this beard, I've decided to also try to stop the reg
  2. I've been home a week and I've never had this happen when I go on vacation. One can doubt the link between acne and the multivitamin, but acne seems to be caused in different ways by different people. I've had acne for 6 years... it's almost been 2 weeks since I stopped taking the multi-vitamin, and this has never happened in my life time. I've never even went a week without having some sort of problem.
  3. Acne sufferer for 6 years now (been somewhat clear past 1-2 years or so on dan's regimen) So I stopped taking my multi-vitamin for a couple days when I went out to vacation because I forgot to bring it with me. After I returned from my vacation it came to my realization that I did not get a single pimple in the 5 days I was there, and that's rarely ever happened. My face is pretty clear but I usually have 1 pimple show up every 1-3 days, which can get really annoying and the regimen keeps it
  4. After using this for almost 2 weeks my face is great so although it's def weird I'm fine with it
  5. wow I came on these boards to post the same thing... got it 2 days ago, different smell and a slight burn when I apply it. keep in mind I've been using BP everyday so nothing has changed in my regimen
  6. I lift weights and I do it in the morning. I'm busy at night and doing it midday would just throw off my regimen routine. (and it doesn't really matter when you exercise, assuming we are not talking about the regimen. you're not necessarily going to gain more muscle if you're lifting in the afternoon or night as opposed to in the morning) I recently tried washing my face beforehand seeing if it does anything. Really all it does is make my face dry so I'll prob stop that
  7. 2 Questions to those who exercise. Do you guys always exercise in the morning or night, since it's around the time that you apply your BP (assuming you apply it twice a day)? I find that I have to force myself to do it in the morning (no time at night) because I have to shower and apply the BP as soon as I can when I wake up. I kind of hate that the regimen maps out a part of my schedule. And do you guys wash your faces before you go to exercise to remove any moisturizer or BP residue th
  8. If you guys can get the liquid where they mask the fish taste, I found that to work best. I burp lemon lime As for caps, I used to put mine in the fridge and it helped a bit with the burps.
  9. I don't think fish oil did too mcuh in terms of my acne, more dryness which indrectly can affect acne for some. As for amount, I take 1tsp in morning and 1 at night. http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=VS-2265 ^There's the link to what I'm taking. I like the liquid much more because it's much cheaper and doesn't taste anything like fish oil.
  10. As the title mentions, without fish oil regularly in my diet during the DKR, my face would begin to flake up like crazy. I recently had to undergo surgery for something, and had to stop taking fish oil since it thins your blood and is not good for clotting etc. My face, acne wise was fine, but started to flake up bad. I couldn't figure out why exactly at first my face was flaking up, but I remembered that fish oil helps a lot with keeping the skin moisturized and what not. So to anyone out t
  11. This is the first time I heard anyone say glutamine is worthless. Everyone I've talked to has said it is great for recovery. And I also read somewhere that it helps the digestive tract.
  12. I am pretty disappointed that I can't take creatine anymore, but I'll easily take a clear face over creatine any day. I'm hesitant to try other creatine-free supplements since I decided to take a break from all my sups altogether. A BB'rs diet can have positive and negative effects on one's skin. Overall we are much healthier IMO, but we do consume a butt load of dairy (many of us), and dairy affects many of us. ^At least we drink tons of water... And on Glutamine, IMO it's a worthless
  13. I've been lifting weights for about the past 3 years pretty consistently. I've almost always used creatine and I drink PLENTY of water, about 1-1.5 gallons. I've been on accutane and when my acne started coming back I really didn't know what it was. I've been super frustrated with it up until last week, when I stopped taking creatine. It's miraculous really how something so simple was causing this crap to show up on my face. I highly doubt it's a coincidence.