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  1. I just want to come back and finalize this thread. The BHA/AHA combo is really a great thing, not hard at all to add to a routine and super helpful. I found that the root cause of the comedones I had was my toothpaste. I was only getting them around my mouth and when I changed my toothpaste from just regular Colgate to a Sulfate/Fluoride Free toothpaste, they went away within one week. I tried so many things and I was so patient and the fix ended up being just a change in toothpaste. I don't pla
  2. BP is not going to help you with those bumps. Try a BHA toner or something with SA acid that goes on after you wash your face.
  3. I can't actually see in the pictures what is causing the problem. Everything seems fine. But, if you have just one pimple that is under the skin and bothering you, a BP/Hydrocortizone combination is worth a shot. You shouldn't overuse hydrocortizone, but if you just have one spot that is giving you trouble, that combination should put an end to it.
  4. What side of your face do you sleep on? The only thing I can think is that it may be the oils that build up on your pillowcase. I sleep on one side of my bed, on one pillow for the whole night. But I have 2 pillows. So i make sure I only sleep on one side of one pillow 2 nights in a row. Then I put the right pillow on the left and the left pillow on the right. Then you can flip the pillows over and put the pillowcases inside out in order to get the most out of each pillowcase. After about 10 day
  5. Day 33 (11-3): It works friends. Only a few comedones left. I extracted 2-3 yesterday before they came to a head. They seem to come out much easier than they did just a few weeks ago. Honestly, anybody with mild closed comedones has to consider a BHA before anything else. I have not seen 1 new comedone pop up after I started using the stuff. It's great. An AHA hasn't proven to be fantastic a bringing the comedones out, but it is def good to improve skin texture, tone, ect. Will update when ever
  6. I know the thread is on tactuo, but have you tried a BHA/AHA combo? I had two patches of closed comedones around my mouth and the BHA/AHA has completely prevented new comedones from arising and is slowly purging (the only way to get em out) the spots.
  7. Day 20 (10-20): Once again...the BHA is doing its job. It is preventing new comedones from forming. But the ones that I have are pesky and staying around. I think the AHA is helping them come to head faster (still painstakingly slow), but nothing is simply dissolving them. I have started using hyrocolloid bandages on spots that have come to a head/post-pop. They are great...really can't say enough. They reduce the healing time and if I slap one on right after I pop, it just leaves a little scab
  8. A 2% BHA toner works wonders for closed comedones. I've been using it for almost 3 weeks now and have yet to see a new one form. Still working on getting rid of pesky existing ones, but using a BHA correctly has prevented new comedones from popping up.
  9. Day 16 (10-16): The BHA is definitely doing its job for me. Since I started using it, I don't think I have noticed one new closed comedone. The problem is, the ones that are there aren't improving much. I've only used the AHA 3-4 times, so I'll keep using that on a consistent basis to see if it will either dissolve them or bring them to a head. I have noticed that using the BHA simply cuts down on the healing time of random breakouts. It really is a product that everybody should have as a part o
  10. Day 10 (10-10): Same old, same old. Just waiting. The texture of my skin is definitely improving and I feel like some of the comedones are definitely disappearing, but nothing is 100% better yet. A few look like they are going to come up as whiteheads soon. Tonight, I'll lancet the tops and put a blister bandage overtop of them to try and at least draw the bottom of the plug up a bit so when I pop them, I won't end up with a hole in my face.
  11. I'm only a week into it, but it seems to be going well. Certainly not making anything worse (not getting new spots). I was expecting all the comedones to come right up as whiteheads, but that hasn't happened. I'm going to keep going with the BHA twice a day and the AHA 3 times a week...see after a month or so how everything is. Patience I think is the key.
  12. DAY 6 (10-6): Used the AHA for the first time last night. We'll see how it's working in about a week. Everything seems to be calming down, but there are still comedones there. A few have come to a head, and instead of popping them like I normally do, I've been leaving them be. The exfoliants seem to do a good job at just dissolving the heads. I'll check back in a few days.
  13. DAY 4 (10-4): BHA has been going for almost a week now. I've noticed a few random whiteheads around my face, but that wasn't unusual before I started it. Hopefully its just pulling all the stuff out now. The left side that I already squeezed is healing well. Scab are all gone, now it's on to the flaky stage. Still red marks where I popped them, but looking significantly better than it did 3-4 days ago. The right side is coming up really well. The first comedone came to head this morning, but I a
  14. I've spent the last week or so researching causes, cures and comedones. I have self-diagnosed myself with closed comedones around my mouth, chin, and jawline. It seems as though the best way to get rid of these things is exfoliation. So exfoliate I will. Before I did my research, I was simply cleansing with a 2% salycilic acid and moisturizing with an oil-free moisturizer, both from Clearproof. My goal is to experiment with BHA, AHA and other methods of exfoliating if I need to to get rid of the