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  1. okay so here's my rant, i think that u should be able to go on accutane even if u dont even have acne, even if u get like 1 comedone a month or 1 papule etc, i mean, plastic surgery is far more invasive and potentially lethal than accutane and no doctor denies u plastic surgery even if u dont "need" it for example, ur nose is already perfect or your boobs are already big and perky, it's YOUR INFORMED CHOICE and they should RESPECT your intelligence and right to make your own informed choices, I
  2. now i was just thinking, someone said that the sebum gland doesnt get its material from exogenous fat, but isnt everything we're made out of fundamentally exogenous?? where the heck else would the building blocks come from...defies the laws of thermodynamics lol. back in my high school dieting days i never had acne....then came uni and the whole freshamn 15, i hate soo much and my acne exploded....this probably brought to light my genetic dispositions of course... and b5 works AMAZING for me, i
  3. imo because acne is so multi-faceted and the major contributing factors differ across pll, it only seems like we dont know cuz as many pll mentioned, pll can be totally oily, garbage diet etc etc and not have acne. evryone's genes differ, the the interactions between those genes differ, and everyone's unique environmental experience has its own effects on gene expression and everyone's unique environmental experience has its own interactions with the results of random gene expression. there are
  4. funsince1983: why r u so mean spirited? isnt the world harsh enough, esp for pll like us with acne? we're supposed to inspire a positive outlook in eachother, i think u should straighten your priorities
  5. correction: spironolactone wont regulate your horomones via a neg. feedback loop - only the diane-35 because of the estradiol's antigonadotropic effect of the pituitary.
  6. hyperkeritinization is caused by excessive sebum production, which can be aggravated due to to androgen sensitivity (genetic predisposition to express genes that code for androgen receptors) and subsequent testosterone/progesterone ---> DHT---> lipogenesis. if ur a girl, take diane 35 (or spiro if ur not eligible for combination bcp) , pref diane 35 cuz the estradiol can regulate androgen production via a neg. feedback loop w/ ur pituitary gland. if ur a guy, then saw palmetto/green tea.
  7. maybe heat makes u eat less food and drink more water, i think that helps cuz if u were to starve yourself, u wouldnt get any acne (vit b5/co-a link). secondly, the consistancy of sebum changes in hot weather, it becomes more fluid and is excreted thru your pores more easily so the probability of clogging decreases. any humididty induced inflammation that could cause your pores to "close" and lead to clogs is temporary and can be helped with eating less cooked protein (freeacnebook.com....it'll
  8. blood is going to circulate regardless, ice will be helpfull to reduce water retention related inflammation, other things include oral anti-inflammatories or topical agents like chamomile, or nitrous oxide (derms use it on cysts). this'll prevent water induced swelling from blocking up the pore, leading to more infection cuz O2 cant get in and oil/dead cells cant escape. for next time, i'd wipe it with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and then ice it for a few minutes or even put some chamomile tea
  9. ok im not fat or anything but i waste soooo much money on food, i can easily spend like $20 a day on food, especially little snacks here an there and starbucks. i have an insatiable appetite and expensive taste....but not the money to match
  10. ooops, just realized, you're already on the b5, in this case i'd find another derm and demand accutane, antibiotics are not good for u in general