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  1. Did you use the Paulas Choice 2% BHA just on your forehead where the closed comedones were? Or did you apply over your whole face?
  2. I'm 21 years old, and started the regimen around a year ago because i had some pimples, mainly on my cheeks, nose, and chin. I only had the occasional pimple on my forehead, and my forehead was always quite clear. I never had comedonal acne before. So when I started the regimen, I didn't use the benzoyl peroxide or moisturiser on my forehead. A couple months went by, my pimples on my cheeks, nose and chin got better. But then I saw a couple pimples on my forehead. So i started applying the be
  3. I have been doing the regimen for most of this year. Overall it has gone very well, but in the past month or so I have developed subclinical acne on my forehead. Does this mean I'm using to much BP or not enough moisturiser or something?