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  1. recently diagnosed with strep throat and perscribed a 2-a-day antibiotic, i was wondering what all of you fine people would think about the relationship between acne and these antibiotics. im ignorant to types (if any) of oral antibiotics, i know that some people who go to derms get perscribed oral antibiotics to deal with acne, and i was wondering if they are related, the same thing, or just completely different. edit: oh yea the reason i made this thread was because i was fretting over the
  2. yea....damn.... i dont like the fact that sometimes they continue to leak their clear fluid after im done washing my face and dried it and moisturized it and everything it makes me very paranoid about spreading it.
  3. well kindof i mean that's what i've always done i have sensitive skin, its winter time, and that means that i want to use as little bp as possible. if i pop in the morning, i feel the need to wash with bp but that irritates my skin and if i use bp morning and night too much i will break out badly. i use moisturizer so i usually dab the popped area with a tissue or toilet paper to soak up the clear stuff. then i moisturize around it before i leave...but i just really want to know if anybody kno
  4. yes, i know this. thank you for replying though. i just would like to know if the clear stuff, which i think is plasma, has enough bacteria in it to spread acne.
  5. bump please im really interested in the answer to this question i think about it every day if anyone knows please just post
  6. hey there i haven't been here forever. anywhoo, i was just wondering: (on botchla's) in the morning, sometimes, if i have a whitehead that i know will bust while washing, or bust at some point during the day, i will sterilize a needle over a candle and lance the zit and coax out the sebum with bits of cottonball. well i have fairly sensitive skin, and i can only be using the BP in the evening, but i'm unsure about what to do after i did what i just wrote above. after lancing and drai
  7. this is to the people who have been using this for at least a couple weeks: ok, the day is drawing to an end, and i'm about ready to wash with BCS and Cont Cont for the third time together (only evenings) i was just curious, how long until the initial breakout? i was using BCS with on-the-spot and it was doing a pretty good job so it's not like this is too big of a change on my face, other than a higher % of BP and the fact it's not on my face all night.. anyways, i think it was jade who sai
  8. i've seen botchla post once since i've been here and that was like the first couple days
  9. sorry for the double post but i'm kindof excited i also have a question it seems like i may have sensitive skin because of the fact that i had to continue using small amounts of on-the-spot as well as aloe as a moisturizer (for the summer at least) anyways, after using this new BP (C&C) my face feels ridiculously smooth and tingly, and i feel so free not having to regulate 15 mins this 15 mins that, but i was wondering, do you guys think i will have to use a tiny amount of this stuff as
  10. hey everyone since april i switched to CC BCS but i kept using on the spot i got good results AS LONG as i kept the 15 mins between wash/bp and bp/moisturizer and MOST importantly if i used as LITTLE on the spot as possible as long as i was covering. whenever i would start to use more than barely covering i would break out well, i just got home a couple minutes ago with CC continuous control im proud to say, that after about a year of wondering about it, i finally got the stuff to do botc
  11. jc was the only one in his family to have acne you should talk to him
  12. so the honey we have in the little plastic bear downstairs in the cupboard isn't the special kind of honey i need. well that sucks i'm not going to order some special new zeland..ish.. honey