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  1. Wow its been a long 5 months, I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am to be off. Currently no acne, just some red marks, nothing too bad. My lips are still dry as ef, how long till they go back to normal? anyways I'm really grateful for having the chance to go on it, its really quite effective, you just gotta stick with it -started at 80mg- 3months went to 120 for a month and a half, then 60 for the last few weeks.
  2. hey I'm off accutane in 11 days and I started working out 6 days ago to get ready for football. its helped my red marks and just overall skin tone tremendously! it also makes you feel really good. just wanted to throw that out there for anyone debating whether they should start the gym
  3. my arms got little rashes when I was on 120mg a day. now I am on 60 its gone
  4. my best advice to the people who just started, stay with it! there was many times during the first 3 months that I wanted to give up, but I stayed strong and it actually went by pretty fast. if you try not to think about it, the time fly's by. I still cant believe I am almost done. as for side effects, the worst I noticed was the lips and dry arms. other than that, no probs.
  5. I am so happy I just want to get off accutane! He lowered my dose to 60 a day, I was on 120. All the acne is gone just some red marks. He said we can deal with those once I am done(I am guessing laser treatments?)
  6. dude you gotta give it time. I remember the first few months mine was pretty bad but now on my 5th month its so smooth and clear. all I have is light red marks. just stick with it
  7. I would go at least 4... thats when I really started seeing major results. just tell him you want another month or 2.
  8. hey I just wanna say dont give up. if you think the accutane isnt working, just stick with it. I'm not into my 4th month(2nd course) and its amazing. no acne, red spots are going away very fast. Another thing, I've been so much more social( I always was but like, I will talk to anyone now) and I have made so many more friends in the last few months. I've had 6 smokin hot girls go nuts over me. they said I have an awesome personality and very cute. So basically just try to talk to people, unless