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  1. My hair has been doing better lately. Still about 2 inches of brittle hair that needs to grow out and about the last 1/2 inch of the brittle hair is split. I have cut down on protein and increased that moisture use. I know I will always have some split ends from what I do to my hair, but as long as I keep them under control and in just like the last inch of my hair I am ok, lol.
  2. so what is you guys hair routine? We have talked alot about hair care but not our personal hair regimens. Mine in wash with mane n tail shampoo, let it sit while I wash my face then rinse, condition with mane n tail conditioner, let it sit for 5 mins, then rinse with cold water, wrap my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then use a small dollop of the mane n tail conditioner as a leave in, then I use two pumps of got 2 be smooth operator smoothing lotion for heat protection, let it completely
  3. Oh, and does anyone here clarify regularly? I do it about every three weeks-month. I find that if I don't, my scalp will start to itch and my hair will feel extra dry. I don't use shampoo and conditioner with silicone (that builds up) but my heat protectant and hair serum (the only styling product I use) both have silicone. And deep conditioning. Does anyone else here deep conditioning regularly? I try to do it every week, but sometimes I just don't have time to spend an hour with goop on
  4. ^I think part of the excess split ends comes simply from friction from the layers and texture rubbing against each other. My hair is currently one length on the top and sides. They have some split ends but nothing horrible now that I am babying my hair. But the back of my hair was stacked a bit when I had my major cut about 2 months ago. All the layers in the back are badly split. I cannot afford to get it cut this paycheck so in two more weeks when I go, I will probably have to have at lea
  5. ^that is why I also always take their comb and show them myself with my hair what I mean by half an inch. But like I said, last time I think I sacred the girl and she didn't take off nearly enough. I may even wait a few more weeks and have them take off a whole inch just to get rid of the splits completely. I know I will always have some split ends; I dye my hair and flat iron it, but I am obsessive about keeping them to a minimum, lol.
  6. I am always very specific when I go in for trims. I say, cut it dry because I like my hair cut straighened, not when it is wet and curly, cut off half an inch, no more because I am growing it out, and please make it a thorough trim even though it is only half an inch and cut every hair on my head. I think I scared the girl last time because she barely dusted my ends I left with just as many splits as I came in with, lol. I think I need to stress the part next time that I am PAYING for a trim
  7. I agree. I am way over due for a trim. I can't get one for the next three weeks because I need to get enough money (I am completely 100% broke right now) but I hate having split ends. They are my hair pet peeve. I can deal with really bad roots better than splits. But I want to grow my hair. think of your hair strand like a stick. split the end of the stick, you can just keep on tearing it and spliting it all the way to the top. this is what happens with split ends if they are not
  8. I agree. I am way over due for a trim. I can't get one for the next three weeks because I need to get enough money (I am completely 100% broke right now) but I hate having split ends. They are my hair pet peeve. I can deal with really bad roots better than splits.
  9. I have always used unscented baby wipes to take off my makeup, even when I used to wear colorstay. They work and are super gentle.
  10. Alright, I know this isn't about acne in the slightest, but I am going to start serious hair boot camp on my head starting when I get paid on Thursday. Step one) wash once a week. I wash twice a week now and my hair can't take it. Sorry if you think it is gross, but it just simply can't. It is so dry and brittle it is falling apart. Step two) cut back on the heat. I am going to flat iron on hair wash day after I airdry and touch up for a few days after with a warm iron, but after that, it
  11. mine is curly. And dyed. And severely heat damaged and basically destroyed. I am about to start serious hair boot camp.
  12. oh shit. I succumbed and dyed it. My roots looked so bad. And the more I looked at it the more I just wasn't happy with the idea of being a red head again. I used natural instincts in black and my hair felt MUCH better than how it normally feels after dying with a permanent color. I have garnier strength and repair conditioner in my hair for 20 minutes right now. Wish me luck. I am going to go get it trimmed after I get paid on thursday so the new splits do not get out of control again.
  13. I recently tried garnier strength and repair conditioner because it was on clearence. I was surprised that I actually like it since I almost always hate garnier.
  14. uh....no. I just had 5 inches cut off which was horrifying enough.