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  1. After 5 months of no products - just rinse with water daily, and moisturize with complex15 afterwards, my skin has taken a dramatic turn for the better and is improving all the time!
  2. Sounds very similar to my situation. My biggest gamble: Stop using products, washes, BP and every other fukcin product on the market. Want to know my results 6 months later? Only a few pimples here and there. I went from consistent cysts to small whiteheads occasionally. My skin is still incredibly wrecked from years of destroying it, but the redness is gone. I still have pigmentation that is slowly slowly fading. Overall, my skin is much much better. I eat clean (i always have), i ex
  3. May help: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp46889_333181_s...o/shave_gel.htm
  4. Is it? Only you would know. If you were clear for a long time, and THE ONLY THING YOU CHANGED was you began to tan - then yes, the causing factor is clear. However, i severely doubt that's the case and you are more than likely ignoring some factors. What kind of tanning? Sunscreen? Moisturizers? How hot, how powerful are the UV rays? Are you using any soaps, peroxides or other products? Are you on antibiotics, or any other oral drug that makes you sensitive to the sun? Are you burning your s
  5. That's the mentality i had before too. Just try it? What's 2 weeks without a single orgasm?
  6. Cottage cheese. Flavored tuna cans.
  7. did you grow out of acne? otherwise how are u treating your acne?
  8. My personal experience is that all these washes and peroxides and all the other manufactured shit i've put on my face for years has kept me with acne for years. The day i stopped was the best decision i ever made.
  9. Well this is the first time i've discovered this thread. And during the past 5 months i've been experimenting with this. Personally, and I STRESS PERSONALLY....this is exactly the case. I am not saying this is the case for you, but it certainly has made a difference for me. If i masterbate or have sex AND orgasm...breakout a week later. If i dont for over a week = all active acne is gone. Im past the point of thinking this is a myth or just a coincidence, it is absolutely the factor that c
  10. Definately hormones kicking in as puberty starts as well.
  11. I'm going to put this very very bluntly. Get over it. If your friends give that much of a damn about one little lump, you got some pretty shitty friends. No one is going to notice or care except you. The more you let it stress you out, the more of an issue it's going to become. Solution: Leave it alone and it will leave you alone. No poking, pressing, chemicals, or anything. This may be the slow track method of dealing with it, however it always has the best end results.
  12. Do you have a job that requires a clean shaven face? If not - i suggest using a beard trimmer on the lowest setting - ie. usually no guard. It WILL leave you a slight stubble, however, it will not cut the hair short enough to the point that it can become trapped under the skin. It will cut it above the surface, leaving stubble but no irritation or chance of ingrown hairs.