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  1. princss74

    Acne and Makeup

    Anyone tried the new Dior forever foundation?? Want to try but dont want more zits!
  2. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    I've been on the regimen since Nov and I couldn't use it--it just made be red and dry--like I said before-must have been allergic
  3. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    I guess I am allergic to the jojoba oil??? because it was making my skin peel like I'd never seen it do--almost like a sunburn?? and--yes I do the regimen with Dans wash and BP
  4. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    Well guys I give up! I tried it for a week and it just was not moisturizing enuf for me---my face always burned and felt dry--all week i looked cracked out---back to NHSFL--I wanted it to work sooo bad!
  5. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    I agree as I have been on the regimen for some time--I think since November or December --I'm not sure why it burns??
  6. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    Label Information Complex 15 Ingredients Water|Caprylic/CapricTriglyceride|Glycerin|Glyceryl Stearate|Dimethicone|PEG-50 Stearate|Squalane|Cetyl Alcohol|Glycol Stearate|Myristyl Myristate|Stearic Acid|Lecithin|C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol Esters|Diazolidinyl Urea|Carbomer|Magnesium Aluminum Silicate|Sodium Hydroxide|BHT|Tetrasodium EDTA Fatty Acids & Derivatives Myristyl Myristate 5 This was on zero zits--they gave that ingredient a 5 If you have acne, DO NOT use ingredients
  7. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    Doesn't that complex 15 have comodogenic ingredients?
  8. princss74

    Acne.org Moisturizer discussion

    I got mine on Sat and have been using it both a.m. and p.m. and yes--its burning my face too--doesn't really make it red--but just burns? What causes that? Also--if you use too much-like a whole pump-it will make you rather shiny--still trying to figure out how much....but it hasn't broken me out--I just wonder what the burn is about and wonder whether it will subside--I was using lac-hydrin 5 but my skin broke out ugly----i think its the petrolatum??? I like the neutrogena healthy skin--but it
  9. princss74

    looking for glycolic 10%

    Peter Thomas roth's Acne gel--is AWESOME!!I was using the regimen since March of last year and tried this and WOW!! Works great! Amazingly DOES not dry out my skin--with the regimen I still got acne--maybe 1-2--but persistent--I started using this at night-now morning and night and am completely clear!! Awesome stuff!! I was skeptical but it got tons of good reviews--so I thought what the heck!
  10. princss74

    Dans cleanser as a shampoo

    yeah--made my hair feel like grass--pert plus for dandruff has made my hair soft and clean-but no acne on my jawline like other shampoos tend to do--the zinc helps with body acne and scalp acne--love it-love it love it-and comes in a big ole bottle at wal-mart for like #3.99
  11. I've started using pert plus dandruff shampoo and WOW-no more zits on my jawline!! Try it--the zinc I think is what helped
  12. princss74

    The newest moisturizer sample...

    I wonder if we could all buy samples before we buy the large bottle-I too did not have good results with the jojoba oil by itself-acne bumps all over- and I hope the moisturizer will not have the same reults
  13. princss74