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  1. Anyone tried the new Dior forever foundation?? Want to try but dont want more zits!
  2. I've been on the regimen since Nov and I couldn't use it--it just made be red and dry--like I said before-must have been allergic
  3. I guess I am allergic to the jojoba oil??? because it was making my skin peel like I'd never seen it do--almost like a sunburn?? and--yes I do the regimen with Dans wash and BP
  4. Well guys I give up! I tried it for a week and it just was not moisturizing enuf for me---my face always burned and felt dry--all week i looked cracked out---back to NHSFL--I wanted it to work sooo bad!
  5. I agree as I have been on the regimen for some time--I think since November or December --I'm not sure why it burns??
  6. Label Information Complex 15 Ingredients Water|Caprylic/CapricTriglyceride|Glycerin|Glyceryl Stearate|Dimethicone|PEG-50 Stearate|Squalane|Cetyl Alcohol|Glycol Stearate|Myristyl Myristate|Stearic Acid|Lecithin|C10-30 Cholesterol/Lanosterol Esters|Diazolidinyl Urea|Carbomer|Magnesium Aluminum Silicate|Sodium Hydroxide|BHT|Tetrasodium EDTA Fatty Acids & Derivatives Myristyl Myristate 5 This was on zero zits--they gave that ingredient a 5 If you have acne, DO NOT use ingredients
  7. Doesn't that complex 15 have comodogenic ingredients?
  8. I got mine on Sat and have been using it both a.m. and p.m. and yes--its burning my face too--doesn't really make it red--but just burns? What causes that? Also--if you use too much-like a whole pump-it will make you rather shiny--still trying to figure out how much....but it hasn't broken me out--I just wonder what the burn is about and wonder whether it will subside--I was using lac-hydrin 5 but my skin broke out ugly----i think its the petrolatum??? I like the neutrogena healthy skin--but it
  9. Peter Thomas roth's Acne gel--is AWESOME!!I was using the regimen since March of last year and tried this and WOW!! Works great! Amazingly DOES not dry out my skin--with the regimen I still got acne--maybe 1-2--but persistent--I started using this at night-now morning and night and am completely clear!! Awesome stuff!! I was skeptical but it got tons of good reviews--so I thought what the heck!
  10. yeah--made my hair feel like grass--pert plus for dandruff has made my hair soft and clean-but no acne on my jawline like other shampoos tend to do--the zinc helps with body acne and scalp acne--love it-love it love it-and comes in a big ole bottle at wal-mart for like #3.99
  11. I've started using pert plus dandruff shampoo and WOW-no more zits on my jawline!! Try it--the zinc I think is what helped
  12. I wonder if we could all buy samples before we buy the large bottle-I too did not have good results with the jojoba oil by itself-acne bumps all over- and I hope the moisturizer will not have the same reults