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  1. yay! thanks for your response polska! really appreciate it ive changed my diet to low carbs , no sugar (maybe one piece of fruit a day), limited meat and lots of veggies (or at least try to) and currently i'm not exercising but i need to change that. i've been thinking about just taking long walks instead for now and drinking lots of water tomorrow i'm going to go out and buy a liquid multivitamin supplement, and saw palmetto. another question: how long did your skin stay bad before it got be
  2. hmm some people are on spiro.. but would saw palmetto be another alternative i read on curezone by a poster who said that saw palmetto is a natural form of spiro.. also another question the worker at vitamin shoppe told me that if i have polycystic ovaries.. it'd be a good idea to go on a diet like the south beach diet.. i mean.. is this a good idea because a lot of things seem to be restricted while at the same time contradicting a healthy lifestyle.. fruits are prohibited and more meat intak
  3. ah thanks for the replies i have another question about fish oil and omega 3 i've read that fish oil increases testosterone levels which can be good for guys but for girls like me who are trying to LOWER testosterone levels, should i stay away from fish oil for now
  4. hey there.. does anyone here take vitex to regulate hormones and menstrual cycles because im beginning to get hormonal acne around my mouth and chin and i've read that vitex is a "miracle herb" for treating anything hormone related what im wondering is ... has it gotten WORSE before it got better because i've taken it for only 3 days and i know it takes around 3-5 months to see visible results and im asking because i feel like the majority of the people on vitex see no slump and instead they g
  5. yup :) i'm here on an exchange program for several months. it's been amazing so far.

  6. hello, i see u r in the netherlands cool!:]

  7. Hey, that's so fricken strange. I just heard an Arcane Fire song on Last.fm and I thought of you. (literally 10 minutes ago) I've been great. How are you? :)

  8. what does your name mean? i thought it said kpop

  9. looking at myself in public restroom mirrors makes me want to break it.
  10. nordic naturals is pretty good and omegabrite but thats pretty expensive.
  11. oh okay. painting and drawing is cool in my book. i go to an art school after all :P

  12. lol, no I don't do photography...my screenname is in reference to luigi...I do paint and draw though, if that's close.

  13. I like your name, is it referring to the band?

  14. do you do photography? just curious cause WeeGee is one of my fav photographers!