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  1. Your hair looks good, man. I don't think it matters for you, honestly, you'd look good with the bald look. My hair is super thick all around now, but I'm still somewhat worried about my hair line. It's all jagged and I'm not sure if it's receded at all, but it's worrying me. A receding hair line would really not make any sense to me as I'd be the only bald male in my family... at 21, so it's confusing the hell out of me. I'm thinking about going to my derm and letting them exam for minitur
  2. Hi guys. It's been awhile since I last posted so I wanted to come back and check on how everyone's hair loss is coming along. Lamarr, ItHappens? How are you holding up? In 2 months I will be "losing hair" for 2 years! I can't believe that some of us have been around that long looking into this problem. Although I still feel like I loose a lot more hair then I did before accutane, I think my hair is pretty much back to normal. I have some comparison pictures and to me it seems like my hair i
  3. hey guys, i just wanted to see how everyone is doing. i'm still losing hair, but it's not to bad, and i don't think i lose enough on a daily basis to make any difference to my hair. i've been losing since feb 07 and still have a thick head of hair so i've just been blocking it out my mind. i hope you all recover.
  4. hmm, maybe all i need to do is put on some weight. what'd you do to gain weight? was it just a natural growth spurt?
  5. i'm turning 21 in a week and people think i'm 15 or 16. honestly, i hate it. it's probably a great feature in girls, but in guys it results in a bunch of bad traits. along with looking young i also have the body of a 15 year old. i'm 5'7 125 pounds. no one takes me serious and it's really hard to get respect from people because hey, you look like a stupid kid. it doesn't really help me with the ladies because they all seem to want "real" men. hey, i don't blame them. i get a lot of comments abou
  6. I have dark brown hair but I would have to say my fav color on myself was when I dyed the tips vampire blood red ( I had to bleach them first and it was a b****) and then did the same with my bangs, it looked super sweet but was really too much to keep up with. I personally love red headed guys, I think they are dreamy! that is great to know!
  7. this. i'm a night person. i love being outside at night. it seems very...quite and peaceful. i love it. i wish i was a morning person, though, because the world isn't run by night owls.
  8. lol, how old are you? so what, she has guy friends. is that a crime? life is to short to be jealous over something you're not even sure about. what if she's just a flirt and really cares about you? i'm amazed someone with your maturity level even made it into a relationship.. I've always found it extremely annoying when an ex accused me of cheating and then acted like a total jerk about it, especially when I really wasn't cheating. Even if she is, be mature about it. Don't go and try to "ru
  9. i looooove black hair on girls. i personally have red hair and i think as a red headed guy we get the short end of the stick. red headed girls are all the rage while girls just don't think the same way about us guys. oh well, atleast i get old ladies telling me how beautiful my hair is!
  10. i'm kind of like you. i never got a growth spurt that everyone else talked about. i ended up being 5'8. you are young so i wouldn't worry about it. even if you don't grow any taller just be don't worry about it. i have some shorter friends that do well with the ladies and live fun lives because they don't dwell on their height.
  11. Umm... Go somewhere like the library, a music festival, convention or whatever you're interested in. Then flirt. If nothing else, you will have a good time and know that the girls you meet share at least one hobby with you. I mean... isn't... that... what people do? (yeah, I've never had a boyfriend, yet!) By the way, isn't it easier to first just try to make friends with someone of the opposite sex and then after a while start thinking about going further in to a relationsship? That's my strat
  12. i play guitar, bass, and piano. i don't know what the hell i'd be doing with my life if i didn't pick up the guitar. anyone write their own music? it's very therapeutic.
  13. i'm actually in the middle. i can't stand being around people for to long, but i can't stand being home very long either. i used to be really, really shy, but i'm definately not now. the older i get the more extroverted i think i've become. my advice is to just get out their and socialize. next week go to that party, hang out with friends, meet some new people and just smile and have a good time. you come to realize that we are all just humans and relating to one another is really inherent. plu
  14. i'm 20, almost 21, and i've never been in a serious relationship. i don't really try with girls. maybe it's because i'm scared, or lazy, probably scared. i really, really don't like failing at things.