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  1. Does anyone have any experience with any doctors in Western Montana? I'm looking to have some treatments done for old acne scars on my face.
  2. How happy are you with the treatments?
  3. FightingTheGoodFight


    A retinoid can help (tazorac,retin-a), you will have to go to the derm to get it.
  4. FightingTheGoodFight


    I don't know much about the different treatments, but don't worry too much about these scars. They look very minor and nobody in their right mind will care about them. Not letting them get you down is the hardest part (I know from experience).
  5. FightingTheGoodFight


    Hang in there man and just know that I and many others know what your going through. Your acne seems pretty treatable, have been to the derm and tried any medications?
  6. FightingTheGoodFight

    5th day after laser

    You are beautiful don't worry about a thing. How much did the laser treatment cost can I ask?
  7. Lookin good. It's easy to see every imperfection when looking at yourself, but you've got nothing to worry about IMO.
  8. FightingTheGoodFight

    20131128 185835

    Looking good brother how much did that peel cost?
  9. @michi I brought it up to my mom a few years back and she asked me if I wanted to get a chemical peel at the spa she works at. I knew it wouldn't help much with the scars, but I tried it anyway to help with acne and hyperpigmentation. I remember as the esthetician was working on my face she said "this won't do any miracles". It ended up causing a terrible rash on my neck for some reason, and helped little with my face. Other than that I try not to bring it up because I try not to bother peo
  10. I think they're rolling scars, not icepick. I don't understand the hypertrophic tag, since this obviously isn't anything of the sort. Most of the tags seem incorrect, anyway. You should get your acne in control, before going for treatments. Maybe get some antibiotics before and during treatments to prevent breakouts. And definitely look into Matt's and Greg's threads. They had similar scarring and got great improvement with several subcision treatments. Fillers and fractional ablative lasers (D
  11. Oops my bad, I thought hypertrophic meant depressed. I can't figure out how to change it though. Thanks for your reply! Ok thanks I will check it out! your scars arent ice pick, you have rolling and box scar. Before laser i would suggest you to consider combination of subcision/suction method and dermarolling + retin a. on this board you can find great results of this combination for rolling and box scars. especially you should look for the topic of mr. matt - man in the mirror - or som
  12. Wow thanks so much for the compliments you put a smile on my face! I have read good things about fraxel and the short down time sounds nice. I will probably need at least a few rounds to see any real difference. I will definitely look into the lights too, that sounds promising. Thank you for your input!
  13. I'm just looking for some feedback about my scars. I did accutane back in '06 and it left me with a load of them. I'm 25 now and still dealing with acne. Once I save up some money I plan on having some procedures done to reduce their appearance. These pics don't really do them justice because I used an old/low quality camera, but they give you a pretty good idea. The scarring affects me every day of my life, but I try not to let it get me down. I can't help it though, sometimes when I catc
  14. Self consciousness isn't an illness. Everyone is self-conscious to one extent or another. I was just saying that he shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  15. Seriously, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Don't waste your money on laser treatments. Those are so minor, and even if the camera doesn't do justice, they are not disfiguring like some people have on this site, myself included. Do yourself a favor and stop being so self-conscious.
  16. When you eat food it can take 1-2 weeks to have an affect.
  17. yes it is good for skin, Carlsons brand is good.