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  1. Try cetaphil cleansers and moisturisers! They're available in most boots in the U.K. I too am using 5% bp and a salicylic acid wash too which is quite harsh and my skin is still breaking out so I think it might be overdrying but I can't be sure but cetaphil moisturiser is a lifesaver!
  2. Hi, In my opinion seeing a therapist would be very worthwhile - I've been once before and I started off with feeling like my problem was silly or insignificant but we got to a lot of deeper stuff about how I deal poorly with stress (which sounds similar to yourself) and am very harsh on myself in many areas of my life. I don't think we can really take care of ourselves physically, our workloads and our happiness if we are constantly anxious, worries and stressed on the inside and so for that r
  3. acnelondon

    Very oily acne prone skin help!

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I really empathise with how having bad skin can wreck your self-esteem. I'm no doctor but I would really recommend you explain your excess hair and problems with periods to your doctor if you haven't already because that sounds like classic symptoms of polycystic ovaries - you should be able to get an ultrasound done to test this. Have you looked into spironolactone? It's used to treat acne for women with polycystic ovaries in particular and seems
  4. acnelondon


    I get what you're saying about not relying on birth control but what do you mean 'finding the root cause of the problem'? In many cases the problem will be the body's inability to control p. acnes bacteria and that's what anti-biotics are fighting and why it improves the skin.
  5. Hi all, I've been using 5% BP now for about a year, but only realised a month or 2 ago that you need to apply it all over the skin and not just pinpoint onto spots (wish I'd known sooner!) Anyway, the reason for using 5% is that this is the most readily available BP cream I can get in the UK. I use a gentle cleanser and then a salicylic acid wash morning and night and BP in the evenings only and then cetaphil moituriser. Basically I've been trying to re-create the regimen but have seen no over
  6. acnelondon

    Life after acne

    My pill is called Levest (its a combo of ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel I believe and lots of brands make the exact same pill just with a different name e.g Cileste) and the risk of blood clots are pretty low on this one. When I last saw my GP she said that if I change to a different pill I have to think about whether the risk of blood clots is worth it for 'perfect' skin - but this was during my good week of skin and at the moment anything seems worth it to improve my skin Dianette has re
  7. Hi, any advice would be much appreciated. I'm a 21 year old female and have been on the combined pill for about 5 years which alone has not been able to clear my acne. I've been using a salicylic acid wash and 5% benzoyl peroxide wash followed with cetaphil moisturiser consistently for a couple of months now and seen some improvement overall (less frequent breakouts and only small whiteheads in general). However the other day I thought I'd try applying my BP without following up with a moistu
  8. acnelondon

    Life after acne

    @Chloe123 I'm sorry to see your skin didn't stay clear - though I hate to say as I was reading this thread I had a feeling that would be the case. I was on dianette for 6 months aged 17 and my skin was really clear and I don't recall worrying about it or anything during this time. Then because of high risk of blood clots on this particular pill I had to switch to a different combined pill and ever since my skin has never managed to clear up to how I would like it, and when it has it has been v
  9. acnelondon

    I'm f*cking tired of acne

    I hate to be this person as I know how much it sucks AND I'm constantly told this as well which irritates the hell out of me, but you are still very young and in boys this is a peak time for breakouts, be it a few teenage spots or full blown acne. I think it would be good to get on meds because the improvements are usually good (my brother is your age and has reacted really well to antibiotics) as well as for your self-esteem, but taking steps as far as accutane will be nowhere near your doctors
  10. acnelondon

    I'm f*cking tired of acne

    Like you, I'm tired of feeling awful about myself and my never ending regimes. My doc prescribed me 5%BP which I started a couple of weeks ago, but having read the acne.org regime today I am going to endeavour to follow it properly. I'm 20 and from my experience, anything bought at a drugstore is going to do absolutely nothing (e.g. Clean & Clear). So maybe like me it's time to ditch your regime and try this one as results seem promising. Good luck!
  11. acnelondon

    Why has my acne got so much worse???

    You need to talk to your doctor about these changes, better yet a dermatologist, as only they will be able to possibly know what has caused this change. I am currently dealing with a similar situation - after coming back from Asia last year I have had a constant breakout on one cheek which never happened before and I cant find the reason nor the cure (however my acne may be worse than yours as I am also on the pill since erythromycin stopped working for me yeaaars ago). Also, any information abo
  12. The short answer is yes. Dianette is a short term pill only because of the complicated side effects which come with being on it long term such as increased risk of blod clotting. I was on Dianette for about 6 months as well which really helped my skin, then my doctor put me on an alternative, more risk averse combined pill. It has to be a combined pill (both oestrogen and progesterone) to tackle hormone problems associated with acne. I am sure you will see a huge improvement by using this and th