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  1. Don't know if anyone posted this yet, but check this out If anyone think they had it bad, take a look at this guy and how brave he is Really got my spirits up after my bad breakout with accutane, at least I didn't have it as bad as him.
  2. Feeling like shit. Day 22 of accutane, going through what I believe is an initial breakout. Either way, it's worse than before as my relatives nicely told me. Put off social arrangments with friends and told them I was in another state for the holidays because of how self conscious I am about my skin. I'm being completely serious about this: probably the darkest time of my life.
  3. I've have mild acne since I was 15, and now I'm 20 years old and it's evolved into moderate/severe cystic acne. It's come to the point where I don't even want to leave the house anymore in fear of someone on the street making comments about my skin. What did I do to deserve this? I remember around 6 months ago my face cleared up after 4 months of tetracycline, and I was at one point in my life since I was 15, happy and confident. Thinking it wouldn't come back, I went off any sort of medication
  4. Has anyone with non-oily skin tried b5? 20 years old, my skin is not oily at all, although unfortunately I do have quite a few pimples and blackheads. Been trying b5 for about 2 weeks, from 5g the first three days to 10g the rest, taken 4 times a day at 2.5g each time. Have not seen any positive results at all. The only effect I have seen so far is that my lips have been very chapped, and occasionally some bad bowel movements.
  5. Is it ok to replace the water with a 100% fruit juice? (like grape)
  6. My face is usually clear except for an unGODLY amount of blackheads on my nose. I mean, you think your 5 little black dots on your nose are bad, I am a blackhead MAGNET. There are literally 20 + of these motherfuckers around my nose area. I'm pretty sure no one on these forums have more blackheads than me. I'm looking to try out for the guiness world record soon. However, it seems that every time I try to do something about these blackheads (medications or w/e) PIMPLES pop out everywhere. And w
  7. I used to have no big acne but a ton of blackheads on my nose. So I thought I would do something about it. First thing I ever tried was Pro Activ. I got my first non blackhead pimples the following day. I don't know if its my skins reaction with foreign chemicals or just the pro activ. Also, in my own advice, NEVER use more than one medication for your pimples. Now I have horrible skin. I should have stuck with those blackheads