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  1. Who did your subcision in Denmark? Emil Henningsen from Odense.. But I dont Know if it was because he was/are bad to his work! Cause I believe a laser before the subcision, was so High In power, that the B/TCH WHO did it... ruined My skin from the inside forever... so it maybe can't heal normal ever again...
  2. I believe I Got DNA damage In the skin of My Face! Somekind of elastin and collagen Loss from det matrix rf laser and therefore NOT Can help My skin ever with any dermaroller or what so ever treatment! My skin just Gonna get ugly and more aging than other My age! Thanks 2 that ...
  3. I believe I Got DNA damage In the skin of My Face! Somekind of elastin and collagen Loss from det matrix rf laser and therefore NOT Can help My skin ever with any dermaroller or what so ever treatment! My skin just Gonna get ugly and more aging than other My age! Thanks 2 that ...
  4. Most fucked up ugly skin scars ever!!! Subcision fucked it more up!!! Fuck this shit life! Unfair fucked life! Rather be leg-less
  5. my skin from different views... Hate My skin! SOOO UN-atractive dont Think My skin Can do any producere to help, after one aggressive laser .... My skin is dead inside I quess...
  6. People say, if you Are an accutane suffer you should stop eating food containing fatty acid? So I can't eat raw avocados??? I love avo's :-( home some one Will answer me ..
  7. I am soo Close 2 just don't give a fu*$ anymore and smoke marijuana for My moode! And eat a lot of melons...LOL, love Them! In May 2017 its been over a year since I Saw one of My friends! Old friends now, cause I dont Want too see anybody anymore again! The accutane side effect I could have lived with,,, BUT the accutane side effects AND a lot of scars!! I'll rather have lost a leg ... Sorry
  8. So what you saying is we can try get all vit a, d, e, and K from veg juice like beetroot, kale and so on... But preffer NOT too but is it soo bad to get the vitamins naturally, like eating a cellery or juicing... ?? sorry for asking you this out of nowhere... My Life joy is just runing out...
  9. so you Would say go? To juice something like carrots ? It should be so healthy for your skin ? But Are too afraid to touch because of the a vitamin it contains? I start juice a Month ago! But not fruit/veg with a vitamin In
  10. I am not on accutane now, been 3 years! Can I Then drink beetroots juice now and Then? Beetroot should nr healthy for your liver? and what about coconut Oil I know it has omega 3-6 ... Is that also a no-go... I just need to gain Weight after a among of lost Weight from a depression? and know coconut Oil is a good way.. sorry for all the questions..
  11. What if I juice everyday?? Like beetroots ? That contains a bit vitamin A??? Is that a no-go?? I am affraid of eating carrots... Haven't Eat or juice for long time !
  12. question::: If I am really tall and skinny? Can it have a bad side effect on the skin on your body ? I know it doesn't remove my scars if I gain healthy weight/muscle.. but overall? skin condition? I don't know what it calls in the US or other countries. but I am 194 cm and my weight 80 kg ... is that too skinny ? I still have muscle from when I did gym, but haven't doing fitness/gym serious or even diet with the minimum of calories for NOT dropping weight in over 6 month... since BEFORE my
  13. I think my scars are too deep and unatural/acne scars like "normal" scars in face after that stupid subcision It will maybe only remove the redness.. yea I believe my ski is thinned down thanks to accutane and a dumb ass laser with too much power I hope maybe If I gain a lot of healty weight and muscle it could maybe be a little more healty... as you said, If have loss a looot of weight because a depression I got because of my skin and the treatment that fucked up my skin big time ...
  14. If you have seen my pics before and RIGHT after the subcision I did get a big purple/ red hematoma on both cheeks and they stayed there for some time, infact, a month or 2 ... and now, the skin were it has been, seems different... the skin condition... and all the places he been working with the nodules and even the small small injection I got new scars, holes look a like... sorry for the long reply... simon
  15. Not sure if my healing is fucked up thanks to accutane..... but maybe I will try needling, in 2-3 years after I have doing some healthy fat and muscle gaining, with healthy diet with fitness/ gym .... I can nothing but hope, and fight for it..... everyday Is a fight
  16. some New pics of My shitty skin... In maj its 1 year after the shitty subcision treatment that made My skin Worse ...
  17. I Would Lie if i didn't say most days In the week Are rough and tuff.... I uset too look fit but now, have lost over 7kg and thats a lot, When I am tall and skinny builded!! I have made a goal to My self and Life now! To do gym AS before.. Just get more fittere and bigger than ever before (healthy Way !! No roiids!) and Maybe fine the joy of Life again, AS before My depression... my skin Will never look like My scars looked before the treatments.. But Maybe the gym and healthy Wright gain,
  18. My skin after accutane, years ago.... 1 aggressive matrix rf laser , 1 fraxel, 1 dermaroller and last and worst decision 1 subcision!!!! my skin after accutane doesn't producere Oil AS before... Healing is bad!! Should'nt have done accutane or at least all the treatments after accutane! For My (that time) NOT so bad scars!! nov besides the scars! My skin is more old, ruined and Think there is somelike psoarasis look-a-like On My cheek... my other cheek is also bad In a different Way!! pe
  19. When I was in my teens, i had really bad acne I tried every cream there was.... and at that time I didn't think so much about the diet.. I of course didn't eat candy, cake, really unhealthy food... but still I got acne... at that time I didn't knew about milk, wheat and so on could give acne and bad skin and maybe a paleo or vegan diet could help, I didn't think about that, because I wasn't that old AND I thought the high professional many years studdying doctors/ special skin doctor in my count
  20. I believe the Matrix RF laser melted all my Elastin and collagen in my skin, and never returned.. so my skin will only worse from now on.... I am 22 and got it over 2 years ago... not fair.... my life is forever changed.. and that person I was before and my friends knew me as... are forever gone... I could live with the bad skin texture... But I got the bad skin texture AAAND a lot of scars.... that no treatment can help... that suchs and not fair..... I know many people have problems or been in
  21. I believe the matrix RF laser melted all my elastin and collagen in my skin, that my skin will forever worse... I am only 22 and that happen 2 years ago.... if only I had been in the 40 or 50 at least ... my life is forever changed...