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    I love reading, anything from shakespeare and poetry to bridget jones and harry potter! I love art and history, tv and eating! I'd love to make friends here too so feel free to msg me :)
  1. Hello everyone, back after 10 years to order the regime for my teenage daughter. 

    I successfully used bp for years until I developed an overnight sensitivity that left me with a rash worse than the acne. 

    This forced me to seek alternatives and out of desperation I gave up dairy entirely. I saw oil disappear in a few days and in 2 weeks I was no longer getting break outs. That was 4 years ago. Cutting out dairy is the only thing to have worked long term for me. I have now been vegan for 3 years and no longer contributing to the suffering of animals has become one of the most beautiful things in my life. Cutting out the meat improved the appearance of aging and has improved my skins vitality and clarity even more. 

    I don’t need to tell anyone who’s had acne what it’s like to finally be clear skinned. It’s changed my life. I was 31 when I gave up dairy and am now 35. 

    I didn’t intend to write this out, just logged in to buy BP for my daughter (she can’t cut out dairy as she spends time at her father’s house and he gives her milk.) but i felt I had to update as this could help someone. It’s worth a try, my health has definitely improved as well. 

    All the best to everyone xox

  2. so glad someone mentioned brad pitt towards the end there! Of course a male with acne scarring can be attractive - I'm engaged to one. I believe however, that acne scarring on a female makes her unattractive. I worry all the time that my partner will go off with a flawless faced girls, because that's what society says womens' complexions should be like. My breakouts have subsided over the past month, and as my skin becomes easier to see I have been left totally shocked at the severity of my
  3. Hello. I've been taking B5 for about a month and my skin is worse. Could this be a bad, long lasting initial breakout? I have more sore cystic spots with white heads, whereas before they were smaller and more disguisable. Now they are postively volcanic looking, and worse, they're staying around as a hard lump for weeks! Perhaps even more distressing than this is the fact that my oil has come back now also. It had subsided with the help of proactiv, but I stopped using proactiv months ago
  4. Hello. I'm currently taking 10g B5/day and I have decided to stop using Benzol Peroxide - a big decision since I have been using it almost constantly for the past five years. I feel like, although it definitely helps prevent spots, it's drying effects have given me many scars and have really aged my skin - despite the use of sunscreen. I read somewhere that tea tree can have as good results as bp, but I was wondering which one to buy - pure or blended? I used this about 10 years ago when I was
  5. Hi. Thanks for replying. Of course I want to treat the cause, but so far doctors have behaved as if they don't know what the cause is. Antibiotics and topical treatments haven't worked for me. My gp told me the only thing left is accutane - something I will never use because of it's association with manic depression. I have seen a dermatologist who told me there was nothing that would work, only accutane but then she said I shouldn't take it because it's side effects are worse than it's posit
  6. Hi everyone. I'm at my wits end about acne. I've started taking 20 b5 pills daily, working it up gradually over the past week. Don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up because money is tight for me right now. I am worried though. We don't know if it's safe and I don't want my hair to thin. Does anyone else worry that it's dangerous? Has anyone here experienced hair loss? I just CAN'T deal with this skin anymore, can't believe I've resorted to taking so many pills that I found out about o
  7. Hello, I've been looking for a post that I saw which talks about a birth control pill which contains spiro, but as I can't find it I'd really appreciate it if someone out there could tell me it's name. I'm going to the doctors tommorrow and want to be able to ask her about it. I'm so scared to go, I want to ask about getting spiro or being referred to an endocrinologist or ob/gyn. I've written down what I want to say because I always forgot what I want to say. I'm determined to be positive, a
  8. Hi pink-shoes I TOTALLY understand what you're going through. Like you, I've been suffering everyday for about 6 years from adult acne, and I think it's a disgrace that I've only learnt about what might be causing my jawline acne from this forum. The doctors should have sent me for these tests years ago. I'm pretty down in the dumps today. I'm stressing myself out even thinking about going to the doctors again about my acne. I live in the UK, I think it's pretty different to the US because b
  9. highly tempted to go back to my usueless gp and staple the link to this forum to his head.
  10. I think it's ridiculous that doctors prescribe drugs ot people who don't actually have acne- just regular persons skin which gets a few spots now and then. This is certainly my experience. I went on minocin 5 years ago. I was talking to a clear skinned girl I knew about how spots were getting me down and she said 'oh me too'. I was like 'uhh what spots??' and she points to her head, to a few tiny bumps which would have required a MICROSCOPE for detection. Then she said 'I'm even on medicatio
  11. This is really interesting. I know it's how benzol peroxide works also, when applied it oxegenates the skin so the bacteria can't survive. My partner used to have acne in his early 20s when he was at college, he says he used to run along the beach and he felt like the strong coastal wind helped his skin. Definitely worth a try!
  12. Thank you for your replies. I did feel like it couldn't be right because I read on here that there's a bcp you can get which already has spiro in it, it seems a bit unconducive to have potentially fertility threatening content in a bcp, which is meant to just prevent pregnancy temporarily. I am so keen to take this medication,seriously the grease of my skin is what makes me feel like I'm not a normal girl, even more than the spots I have. Obviously like yourselves I would want to have an indep
  13. Have you had an ultrasound done to confirm your suspicion that you have PCOS? By looking at your ovaries through a simple ultrasound, your doctor may be able to give you a definitive diagnosis.
  14. Hello there, I completely share your concerns. I often think to myself that even if my skin was 100% clear, it still wouldn't look like a normal persons. I have very uneven tone now, and scaliness from bp. I do believe that my laughter line wrinkles have worsened since I started using bp -and I'm only 24. I think my skin in all honesty has the real age of a 50 year old! When i move my chin down I get rolls of thin skin round my 'jowl' area!! I think it has been stretched so much from being m
  15. Hello there, I know I have another post open but decided I needed to start a new one to ensure you all see this question!! Since writing the last post I've been into Boots chemist and asked the pharmacist about Spironolactone. What she said made my heart sink, I'll ty my best to say exactly what she said. She said it is prescribed in Northern Ireland, for it's original use, but doctors are reluctant to give it for acne because it is an 'off-license' medication. Does anyone know what this means